Job title


Field of activity:
 Warehouse, store management, entry/exit, supply chain/logistics, inventory management, space management, warehouse operations ‘storage.

Location of the position: DOUALA

Main mission: 

The Warehouse Supervisor’s main mission is to store and deliver a client’s goods on time and to take charge of the management and administration of material resources and teams.


Education: Transport and logistics/Supply Chain Management

Level of education: BACC + 3 Minimum

Personal Qualities: The ideal candidate has a good capacity for analysis, judgment and problem solving, ability to better organize and coordinate, to communicate better with the Chinese official and carry out his orders. Rigorous and calm, uncompromising, serious and responsible, discreet and able to work under high pressure.

Professional experience :

  • More than 05 years of experience in a similar position in more than one company.
  • Open to all nationalities that match the profile
  • Age: 30 – 45 years old
  • Be perfectly bilingual or English-speaking


  • Responsible for the preparation, organization and management of all resources such as space, labor, machinery and accessories necessary for the receipt, collection and organization of goods.
  • Responsible for managing daily and monthly inventory, repacking broken or damaged goods, and ensuring that physical goods are equal to the stock card.
  • Responsible for controlling the attendance of team members and day laborers, arranging their overtime, verifying their salaries and training them. Classify and archive documents
  • Manage movement schedule
  • Check and control the daily fuel consumption of the machines.
  • Responsible for 6S management throughout the warehouse;
  • The task of holding a meeting every morning in a spirit of management and high standards
  • Responsible for immediately reporting issues found in the warehouse.
  • Responsible for carrying out any other mission ordered by the warehouse manager or any superior.
  • Assist the manager
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