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DIGITAL MANAGEMENT, an internationally renowned company specializing in Business Development and Digital Marketing, present in 18 countries and operating in more than 30 sectors, is looking for the digital talents of today and tomorrow.

Our job in a few words : to offer our customers unique and innovative solutions in order to optimize their performance, improve their performance, increase their visibility and remain pioneers in their sector by dedicating engineering specialists working hand in hand with marketers and artistic directors for each trade. 
Are you thirsty for adventures, new challenges, technological innovations, but you also want to find a family? 
DM is for you. Quickly join the digital adventure.

Our exclusive model is based on proximity, listening, fulfillment, the development of your career, all embellished with a lot of fun and Collective Spirit. 
With this in mind, we are recruiting a VMWare Virtualization Engineer to strengthen our IT team.

Your role : 

  • Design and implement virtualization platforms with VMware
  • Provide support and manage the various VMware architecture implementation, development or transformation projects
  • Analyze and study infrastructure needs and carry out a technological watch
  • Recommend target solutions and architectures in response to user needs and advise them on final choices
  • Assist with integration into a cloud architecture by setting up pilots, migrating to virtualized solutions in the cloud, and configuring platforms based on required performance
  • Securing the infrastructure in order to guarantee an optimum level of service for the business units and users
  • Add, delete or back up virtual machines, and provide scalable and corrective maintenance based on major technological developments.
  • Support the teams in charge of operating the infrastructure
  • Administer and ensure MCO and optimization of: Microsoft/Linux and Office 365 infrastructure;

Your assets :

  • • Holder of a Bac +5 (Engineering school or university), you have a significant experience of more than 2 years in the field of the system.
  • • You have skills on: Vmware ESX, Microsoft, Windows Server, Script Development
  • • Rigorous and autonomous, you want to evolve in an innovative technical environment around technologies of the future.
  • • Great versatility
  • • Ability to consider cross-cutting issues
  • • Taste for innovation
  • • Sense of service
  • • Analytical skills
  • • Reactivity
  • • Availablity
  • • Ability to anticipate and take initiative
  • • Humility

Job type: Full-time remote

Submission of applications:

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