Truck Mechanic

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Placed under the direct supervision of the chief engineer, the trainee must:

  • Welcome customers,
  • Assist his boss during the inspection of a machine’s engine to accurately diagnose problems,
  • Assist its manager in routine maintenance operations to ensure the functionality and longevity of the machine,
  • Identify an intervention from a technical file,
  • Assist in the determination of a technical solution for the repair of the vehicle and equipment,
  • Assist in repairing breakdowns, replacing worn parts and broken components,
  • Assist in the dismantling and reassembly of the parts of a machine,
  • Test the machine to verify that the problem is solved,
  • Carry out ordinary maintenance activities of the machine,
  • Maintaining your workspace
  • Maintain work tools.


  • Basic knowledge of the operating principles of a heavy machinery engine
  • ability to diagnose and evaluate machine failures
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical, electrical and electronic components of machines
  • Ability to use vehicle repair instruments or tools


  • Have a team spirit;
  • Know how to anticipate;
  • Be rigorous, organized and methodical;
  • Very good physical abilities;


  • High school diploma preferred: bachelor’s degree or certification from a vocational training institution or from an apprenticeship program preferred
  • Up to 30 years old
  • Experience: 1 year

Please apply by submitting your application to the address:

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