Treasury Manager M/F

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The purpose of the position:

Under the responsibility of the Director of Finance, Accounting & Taxation, the Treasury Manager is responsible for maintaining the financial balance of the company by organizing the proper functioning of its cash flow, and optimizing the management of its operating cycle. 

1- Main mission

  • Manage cash flow;
  • Propose and execute financial investments;
  • Establish and manage Budgets and Cash Flow Forecasts;
  • Optimize financial returns;
  • Manage banking relationships;
  • Manage financial and operational risks;
  • Establish Cash Reporting and participate in the implementation of a Cash Information System

2- Main activities

Manage cash flow:

  • Cash management: collections and payments;
  • Analyze bank account positions daily 
  • Balance the accounts and invest any excess cash; 
  • Ensure the financing of working capital needs 
  • Determine the bank position in value date; 

Financial Investments:

  • Perform financial analysis of investment proposals;
  • Propose, execute and record the various financial investments, and classify the various supporting documents for the investments; 
  • Monitor the collection of financial income from investments; 
  • Monitor the status of financial investments and financial income on a monthly basis; 
  • Participate in the setting up and financing of business acquisitions or major assets;

Establish and manage Budgets and Cash Flow Forecasts:

  • Set up and monitor the company’s annual cash flow plan;
  • Establish the monthly cash budget with the elements provided by the various operational departments and on the basis of knowledge of the activity and its history; 
  • Evaluate the net cash position at the end of the year and the net debt, in order to be able to better define the external financing needs;

Optimize financial returns:

  • Control the scales of interest issued by the banks and verify the financial interests charged by them;
  • Direct bank flows according to the specific advantages of each financial institution; 
  • Reduce financial costs 
  • Improve financial returns according to CIMA prudential rules

Manage Cash Reporting and participate in the implementation of a Cash Information System:

  • Develop and communicate a weekly summary of the consolidated cash position,
  • Analyze and explain the differences between the budget and the actual flows; 
  • Compare the accounting position and the banking position; control the correct accounting of treasury operations; 
  • Participate in the implementation and optimization of payment and disbursement processes;


  • BAC +4/5 in Accounting-Finance or any other equivalent, with a minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar position.

Abilities :

  • Know financial instruments;
  • Knowledge of cash management;
  • Master oral and written communication techniques;
  • Master accounting techniques and rules;
  • Be able to quickly transmit financial or administrative information in a clear, concise and educational manner;

attitude : 

  • Be proactive and available;
  • Have a good capacity for initiative and anticipation;
  • Have a sense of confidentiality, rigor, and innovation;
  • Know how to manage stress and control emotions;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and be precise;
  • Be able to work in a team. 


The application file consists of a detailed CV (PDF format) which must be submitted exclusively via the following link:
NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

Deadline: February 28, 2023.  

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