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REQUIRED PROFILE: A Teleconsultant
The ARCHIPEL CM training firm is looking for a teleconsultant for the needs of a partner company.
                  REQUIRED PROFILE :
–  Hold a BAC+2
–  Experience required: experienced
–  Language: Portuguese and French 
–  Gender: Male / Female 
                     ACTIVITIES :
       – Decline the customer who calls his identity to display his file on the screen 
      – Listen to the client’s request, respond to it according to the elements of the file 
      – Possibly redirect the customer to another service 
      – Inform the computer databases of the results of the call
      – Establish a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with appropriate answers
           SKILLS :
   – Master difficult situations 
   – Master the Customer Relationship and sales techniques 
   – Know the products or services perfectly 
   – Know how to write 
   – Master office tools  
– Ensure the telephone reception of customers 
– He/she may have to follow specific scripts for conducting conversations during exchanges with customers 
– Record all requests in the customer database and ensure their computer follow-up 
– Collection and invoicing 
– Taking reservations 
Hours: Full time 
Place of work: DOUALA 
Place of interviews: DOUALA 
Deadline: 06/15/2022 before 3 p.m.
NB: TRAINING/EMPLOYMENT The candidate must undergo training in the field of Customer Relationship Management. 
Please send us your updated CV accompanied by a professional photo on the CV to the email address:
With subject: Teleconsultant .
Phone: 233 43 74 25;  
Mobile: 656 144 363 / 654330157
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