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Technical Coordinator

  • Full Time
  • Yaounde

Marguerita Holistic Health Center (M2HC)

Publication date: April 21, 2022

Location: Yaounde, Cameroon

Organization: Marguerita Holistic Health Center (M2HC)

About M2HC:

Marguerita Holistic Health Center (M2HC), exist since 2019. It is an apolitical, non-profit association, which has the vision of “freeing the human being from his discomfort, thanks to a holistic care (physical, nutritional, psychological, social, etc.)”. Its mission is divided into three strategic objectives:

    •  Bring, at the same time, relief to the suffering of the individuals concerned (the youth, in their environment, the families in the communities, the personnel in the companies, etc.);
    •  Conduct integrated and global interventions vis-à-vis individuals, victims of various ailments;
  •  Promoting well-being and living together, through a holistic approach.

The human being is at the center of M2HC’s concerns. The association works every day with people, victims of various affections, without any discrimination, in educational communities, companies and decentralized communities.

Background and rationale:

As part of the pursuit of the implementation of its vision which consists in freeing the human being from its ill-being, thanks to a holistic care, M2HC launched a set of activities, for more than two years . Having set itself the main objective of deploying itself more coherently, mobilizing and revitalizing its action in the field, with a view to optimal use of its services, the association deemed it necessary to attach the professional services that correspond to these expectations. In this perspective, M2HC launches a call for applications for the recruitment of a Technical Coordinator.


  •  The Technical Coordinator’s mission is to implement the association’s vision and the resulting program of actions. He (she) is responsible for the general coordination of activities, in accordance with the principles and values ​​of M2HC.
  •  He (she) will ensure the planning, monitoring and evaluation of activity projects, in collaboration with those responsible for strategy, support, communication and the secretariat and will report to the President of the executive office.

Key Responsibilities

1. Managing and supervising the holistic care of people seeking M2HC services:

  •  ensure the implementation of activity projects within the deadlines and standards of M2HC;
  •  ensure the implementation and monitoring of the various axes of the M2HC project;
  •  identify progress, priorities and constraints in project implementation;
  •  propose new projects to ensure the continuity of services offered to beneficiaries;
  • propose, support and strengthen fund raising activities;
  •  organize and strengthen reception, listening, advice, orientation and referral activities to technical structures;
  •  regularly organize individual interviews with the experts;
  •  organize educational talks on themes of interest, accompanied by elements of income-generating projects.

2. Team coordination and resource management:

  •  ensure the interface between the permanent staff and the volunteer team;
  •  organize and develop associative life and voluntary commitment (support for the revitalization of voluntary work, at the service of the association, support for the initiatives of volunteers and members, facilitation of relations between members, etc.);
  •  identify the needs for strengthening human, technical and material resources, accompanied by action proposals to the President of the Executive Board;
  •  propose staff capacity building activities in various fields.

3. Supervision of communication and organization of events:

  • manage groups and facilitate coordination meetings;
  •  maintain a regular and constructive dialogue with those responsible for areas of intervention;
  •  maintain a regular and constructive dialogue with the various partners of the association;
  •  strengthen, with the collaboration of the communication manager, the visibility of the association and its activities in the eyes of the public;
  •  represent the association during field missions and other related events;
  •  contribute to the development of a strategy and internal and external communication actions and coordinate their implementation as well as their monitoring and evaluation.

4. Management of partnership relations

  •  develop internal annual action plans and those jointly with the various partners and ensure their effective and efficient implementation;
  •  represent the association with the various interlocutors and partners and in various bodies on technical aspects and maintain fruitful relations with them;
  •  identify new potential partners and funders;
  •  seek and/or coordinate the exploration of new public and private financing.
  •  ensure, with the collaboration of the strategy manager, the regular analysis of partnerships and proposal of perspective.

5. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting:

    •  ensure the implementation of the activities of the action plan on time;
    •  follow up on the evaluation of the implementation of internal annual action plans and those with the various partners;
    •  monitor the strategic, architectural, communication and business plans of the association and coordinate their implementation;
  •  ensure the administrative follow-up of the association, under the supervision and control of the President of the Executive Board;
  •  set up and monitor administrative and financial management tools (budget monitoring dashboard, etc.);
  • develop draft budget estimates;
  •  produce quarterly, annual and short-term activity reports;
  •  develop income-generating projects, to be submitted for the prior approval of the President of the Executive Bureau.


1. Diplomas and Training

  •  Bac + 3 minimum in one of the fields of human and social sciences;
  •  professional experience of at least 02 (two) years in a management or similar position;
  • bilingual (French and English spoken and written);
  •  mastery of IT tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Google Drive etc.).

2. Soft skills

  •  Ability to work under pressure with minimal supervision;
  •  skills for observation, rapid analysis of situations and synthesis, accompanied by proposals for action;
  •  strong professional organizational and planning skills;
  •  proven experience in results monitoring and baseline studies;
  • proven experience in team management;
  • strength of proposals and spirit of initiative;
  • relationship skills;
  •  teamwork skills, in partnership with various socio-professional institutional actors;
  • ability to carry the values ​​of the association;
  • great ability to negotiate and convince;
  • rigor, organization and method in the work.
Place of employment: Yaoundé (Odza, entering Kuwait).

Start date: as soon as possible

Salary: to be discussed during the interview.

Required Parts:

  • a curriculum vitae, detailed and updated;
  • a photocopy of university and/or professional diplomas;
  •  a photocopy of the CNI (three times signed by the holder);  a letter of motivation addressed to the President of the Executive Board;
  • a location map.

Interested candidates are requested to send, by email, the above documents with the mention “Application – Technical Coordinator” , until May 04, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. ,

To apply for this job email your details to

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