JOB DUTIES  : 

The Inventory Manager is responsible for:

  • Assist his hierarchy in respecting the company’s procedures in terms of inventory management;
  • Avoid stock shortages by expressing the needs necessary to optimize storage space;
  • Be reassured of the availability of Stocks and communicate to Salespeople and others the Stocks available and salable;
  • Optimize the level of stocks in the branches by systematically monitoring alert stocks by SKU;
  • Maintain stock management activity monitoring dashboards;
  • Plan supply rates for each of the stores under his responsibility;
  • Supervise the storekeepers placed under his responsibility and for whom he answers.


·         Ensure compliance with inventory management procedures;

·         Participate in the definition of alert stocks, safety stocks and identify and report to the Head of Stocks and Warehouses Department and stakeholders,   slow-moving stocks;

·         Inspect levels of stock items to identify potential shortages;

·         Ensure that the stock of products is adequate for all distribution channels and can cover direct customer demand;

·         Control the life cycle of products to avoid losses caused by mismatched, spoiled and slow-moving products;

·         Ensure strict compliance with FIFO / FEFO in deliveries by storekeepers;

·         Ensure the systematic daily recording of physical entries and exits of stocks in order to reconcile them;

·         Place orders to replenish stock and thus optimize storage space;

·         Analyze data (rotation rate by SKU) to anticipate future needs;

·         Coordinate the delivery   of agencies/regions/stores and ensure the proper outcome;

·         Collaborate with storekeepers and other stakeholders to achieve company goals;

·         Report to management and stakeholders on inventory levels, inventory life cycles, inventory losses (damage, mismatch), slow moving inventory, etc. ;

·         Participate in the recruitment and coordinate the activity of storekeepers;

·         Ensure compliance with the rules of hygiene, safety and / or quality of products in stock;

·         Participate in the periodic physical inventory   of stocks, as well as the determination of discrepancies;

·         Examine the inventory discrepancies, and the justifications proposed by the storekeepers;

·         Regularize physical stocks after inventory in the system;

·         Ensure the effectiveness of access rights of storekeepers in the system;

·         Monitor and verify the constitution of the documentary bundles of all system movements in order to be reassured of compliance before transmission to Internal Control;

·         Work closely with logistics to ensure proper deliveries and stock dispatch.

·         Ensure that the two keys to the store’s two padlocks   are held by the storekeeper and another person.

                             JOB REQUIREMENTS AND REQUIRED SKILLS


Bac  + 3 in Logistics / Transport / Accounting

  • Professional experience: minimum  4 years of minimum experience in a similar or related position, preferably in the private and agri-food sector

Maximum  age: 40 years old


Mastery         of the use of information systems: spreadsheets, databases, ERP, GESTCOM, Data Central, Word, Excel

  • Good accounting culture (which can be acquired in the company).
  • Competence in data analysis.
  • Ability to accurately track inventory and design reports;
  • Analytical mind with strong mathematical skills;
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;                                      


  • Relational ease to dialogue with different types of interlocutors storekeepers, accountants but also non-financial operational, to collect information.
  • Availability and strong working capacity.
  • Ability to organize and plan.
  • Ability to anticipate and react to economic developments that may have an impact on the company.
  • Adaptability to the regular evolution of technologies and standards.
  • Spirit of synthesis to quickly conceptualize problems and their solutions.
  • Curiosity and critical thinking for the analysis of figures.
  • Be persuasive, know how to make your point of view heard in front of functional and operational managers

Africa Food Manufacture, certified ISO 9001: 2015 version prioritizes meritocracy and inclusion; therefore, it cannot apply any discrimination whatsoever in terms of recruitment, training, career development and promotion based on race, color, ethnic origin, sex; marital status, disability, religion,   creed and age.


  • Curriculum vitae updated with references;
  • Cover letter ;

All applications must be sent online via our address.

Candidates  are recommended to apply with the published job title in the subject line.

Only compliant applications will be considered further.


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