The Solar Energy Design Engineer’s main mission is the design and development of projects, tools and structures channeling, conveying or developing solar energy.

Main activities

The position manager will be responsible for:

  • Set up and manage projects,
  • Coordinate the installation and operation missions,
  • Research new methods and develop new products for individual housing as well as for collective facilities,
  • Proceed with the installation of the equipment and check its operation on site or remotely, ensuring its optimization
  • Write activity reports
  • Produce and participate in the distribution of reports and dashboards dedicated to monitoring energy performance.
  • Monitor the evolution of material and environmental standards in order to offer an adequate installation.
  • Consult on projects related to solar energy,
  • Carry out study work (assessment, field analysis, meetings, specifications, etc.),
  • Establish precise quotes
  • Ordering, receiving and managing materials
  • Create and manage a team’s schedule.

Job profile


  • BAC +5 in energy engineering and sustainable development, in thermodynamic energy engineering, in hybrid systems for the production of electricity and heat or any other training in renewable energy.

Professional Experience :

  • Have a minimum of 4 years of experience in a solar energy design engineer or similar position.

Key Skills (knowledge and technical skills)

  • Design, sizing and construction of photovoltaic and thermal solar systems
  • Development of energy projects,
  • Energetic audience,
  • Diagnosis and maintenance of solar systems,
  • Installation of photovoltaic solar systems, solar pumping, generators and maintenance of generators,
  • Electrical, domestic and industrial installations,
  • Specific knowledge of the legal and financial field relating to the sector of activity,
  • Ability to determine for each customer the best energy formula according to the needs and the installations already present,
  • Perfect mastery of computer tools (Word, Excel and Power point, etc.) and professional computer tools and software,
  • Excellent mastery of communication tools and use of social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.),
  • Fluency in French (oral and written), good knowledge of English would be an asset


  • Sense of hospitality and human relations;
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Abilities: to decide, to listen
  • Writing capacity Organizational communication capacity
  • Proactivity and ability to react quickly and efficiently
  • Logical mind, attraction to mathematics and physical science
  • Open-mindedness;
  • Innovation and Creativity;
  • Curiosity
  • Stress management
  • Rigor and firmness;
  • Dynamism;
  • Versatility

Application file

  1. A request addressed to the General Manager of SHRLOMEN SARL in lieu of a cover letter;
  2. A detailed Curriculum Vitae maximum two (02) pages;
  3. A copy of the diplomas obtained, a copy of the work certificates and certificates of training or internships;
  4. The names and addresses of three (03) reference persons.

The complete file must be sent to , no later than July 15, 2022 with the subject: “solar energy design engineer”.

NB :

  • The cover letter and curriculum vitae must be in PDF format .
  • Copies of diplomas obtained, work certificates and training or internship certificates must be in JPEG format .
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