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Missions / Responsibilities / Activities

Ensure the company’s influence and deployment on social media in relation to its marketing strategy and positioning.
Optimize the digital image of the company.

As a Social Media Manager your missions will be:

  •  Identify the target and the needs of the company, select the social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) to best meet its needs and analyze its positioning;
  • Define the social media strategy (influence strategy) to adopt, in coordination with the company’s marketing strategy;
  • Optimize the company’s visibility on social networks and its e-reputation;
  • Manages the budget related to digital communication and measures performance;
  • Ensure the technological and competitive watch of its sector of activity (performs benchmarks of the competition) by observing web trends in order to always be at the forefront of communication methods and new means of optimizing the company’s e-reputation.
  • Define the global editorial strategy and its variations by social networks (pressure/force/format, etc.);
  • Define campaigns aimed at optimizing the company’s image;
  • Develop weekly reports on the company’s digital activities and on the evolution of the various communities;
  • Perform any other task entrusted by the hierarchy and in accordance with his skills;
  • Master software such as Agorapulse, Hootsuite, Canva, TweetDeck, Photoshop, Google Analytics, WordPress, Sprinklr, Facebook Business Manager…

Skills / Requirements / Qualities

  • Hold a BAC+4 or 5 in digital marketing, digital communication, social media management or equivalent;
  • Have knowledge of web marketing and communication;
  • Master the new social media as well as the tools for managing them;
  • Knowledge of natural referencing;
  • Ability to analyze and measure audience and statistics;
  • Mastery of e-reputation monitoring and tracking tools;
  • Knowledge of current trends and ability to exploit them (partnerships, events, content, etc.)
  • Masters interpersonal communication;
  •  Fluency in English, and possibly other languages;
  •  Mastery of the various social network management software;
  • Have a sense of confidentiality and rigor;
  • Have a sense of organization;
  • Be independent ;
  • Have a good sense of communication and social relations;
  • Punctuality and attendance;
  • Proactivity and flexibility (ability to meet challenges);
  • State of mind allowing teamwork;
  • Have a sense of ethics and honesty;
  • Respect for hierarchy and procedures.

Candidate profile

» Minimum Academic Level: Masters

Application documents

” Curriculum vitae

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