SERVADOM is recruiting Drivers

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As part of its development, SERVADOM is recruiting Drivers.

City: Yaoundé – Full time job.
Work schedule: Flexible according to the service schedule.


    • drive carefully
    • Before each departure: fasten their seat belt and ensure that each passenger has properly fastened theirs;
    • Ensures before departure that the vehicle is roadworthy (condition of tires, engine oil level, radiator coolant, etc.), has enough fuel to complete the scheduled journey; Otherwise, inform;
    • Stays close to his vehicle and is ready to leave at any time (park in the starting position);
    • Ensures the safety of the vehicle which must always be under his supervision;
    • Adapts its speed according to the state of the road and its load;
    • Is responsible for loading his vehicle. In other words, he participates in the loading, ensures that the goods are safe to ensure the journey and that the weight of the load respects the maximum load of the vehicle;
    • Participate in the unloading of goods
    • When the vehicle is loaded, the driver must stay close to it at all times to avoid loss / theft;
    • At each service start, the driver must check his vehicle in accordance with the indications, alert if he detects anomalies;

  • Controls the mileage of his vehicle to carry out the necessary maintenance (A, B and C) and alerts at least 02 weeks before the due date;
  • Under validation, the driver can carry out type A interviews in accordance with the procedures;


  • Driving license category B;
  • Be between 25 and 50 years old;
  • Have an experience of at least 02 years in a similar position;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Patience, adaptability and flexibility (to a possible modification of the work schedule);
  • Know how to respect security rules and internal procedures;
  • Mastery of the Highway Code;
  • Good knowledge of the city of Yaoundé and its surroundings.


  • Be prompt in the execution of tasks;
  • To be punctual;
  • Being clean;
  • Be meticulous;
  • Be courteous;


Please bring your valid CNI.

Location: Yaoundé – Old basket in front of the 02nd building of the Pharaohs college (02nd floor) 

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