SEO Content Writer

PROMILLYS is currently looking for 01 SEO CONTENT EDITOR IN YAOUNDE 1 position to be filled from January 03, 2023. 


  • Be punctual, versatile, responsive and organized
  • Have a sense of teamwork and interpersonal skills 
  • Possess a good pen and be endowed with a creative spirit 
  • Have impeccable spelling and syntax
  • Understand the client’s business
  • Know how to use social media Linkedin and Twitter in a professional context 

An SEO editor is a web editor who masters all the subtleties of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing to create different content such as blog articles, sales pages and many more. As part of this position, he must incidentally be a community manager with 3 main objectives: to increase the notoriety of the company (e-reputation), to retain existing customers, to set up customer acquisition tools and to write content intended to posting on target social media. On a daily basis, he must be able to:

    • Write relevant and engaging content
    • Develop the notoriety of the client company on the internet and social media 
    • Animate the community and strengthen its cohesion
    • Establish the reporting and analyze the interactions of the community he animates 
    • Contribute to the commercial development of one or more services
  • The production of content, images, photos or videos is a plus
  • Carry out mailing and statistical analysis missions
  • Respond to internal and external requests necessary for its mission
  • Actively attend preparatory, team or useful meetings
  • Ability to constantly monitor one’s sector of activity and new web trends (especially on social networks)


  • Trial period salary: 2 months maximum
  • Salary after trial period: from the 3rd month
  • New increase possible after one year of seniority
  • Paid leave offered per year
  • 2 automatic bonuses per year (Christmas and Labor Day)
  • Days and Hours of work: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • Have an academic diploma of at least BACC +3 level
  • Master the writing of SEO articles (meta title, argumentation, writing without plagiarism)


Candidates who apply must send us by e-mail: A detailed CV of their academic and professional background in PDF format The CV must contain your surname, first name and a portrait photo of the candidate to the address


  • Shortlisted candidates will receive a message for a video interview proposal by phone
  • Tests of your skills and knowledge will be carried out by an expert if your application is accepted
  • The amount of salaries and bonuses will be indicated to you if your profile is selected
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