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Segel Travels International is recruiting several profiles in various fields(41 positions)

Segel Travels International

As part of its activities, the multinational firm / air travel company: SEGEL TRAVELS INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING

Search for the need of his services:

  • 10 Accountants
  • 08 Executive Assistant / Secretarial
  • 15 Consulting expert
  • 05 Infographers
  • 03 Communicators

The constitution of the files will be given to you on the spot (Very good remuneration at the height of the Infinite SMIG)

For any useful information, contact us via WhatsApp at  or on our Facebook page
NB: these are the cities of:

  •  Bafoussam (application strongly recommended) located at the Bafoussam traffic light
  • Douala (in progress….)
  • Yaoundé (in progress…)
  • Bamenda and Buea (in progress)

Deadline until April 29, 2022

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