Security Officers (day and/or night) M/F

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Notice of recruitment of Young Men and Women of Security Agents (day and/or night) M/F

from the age group of 21 to 45 years old to work as a Security Agent (day and/or night) in Douala makepe, city of palm trees and logbessou, bepanda.

Bertoua (mokolo,enia)

Conditions to be fulfilled

_Be able to read and write at least one of the two official languages ​​(English, French).

_ Have an empty criminal record.

Creation of files

1) A photocopy of the valid CNI

2) A medical certificate 

3) 03 recommendation letter

4) 04 half 4*4 photo cards. The physical files must be deposited in our premises douala_makepe bloc L, 

Bertoua _Tigaza district.

For more information contact.

Douala: 691239426/677517713

Bertoua: 677968657/697646149

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