Sales Manager

  • CM

His mission

The commercial director defines, animates and supervises a commercial strategy in order to increase the company’s sales and increase the turnover.

His activities

  • Develop commercial policy
  • Identify market developments and the positioning of the company in this market;
  • Highlight development paths specific to this market
  • Determine the products or services to launch, maintain and abandon, as well as their quantity Set their pricing policy;
  • Define the means to develop the company’s offer;
  • Submit an operating budget to General Management;
  • Identify the appropriate commercial targets and define the development objectives of the turnover.
  • Manage and implement the commercial policy
  • Monitoring of prescribers, monitoring of pharmacies, monitoring of maps by cities and regions of doctors/pharmacies/hospitals/health centers/distributors
  • Accompany the sales force in the field to advise it, set up the bonus system;
  • Recruit new employees;
  • Plan the training actions of his team;
  • Ensure the link with the other departments of the company. Managing key account business development
  • Prospect and retain strategic accounts for the company;
  • Conduct negotiations for new contracts;
  • Participate in exhibitions, conferences, all external representation events. Follow the results of the sales team
  • Take stock of individual and collective results on a daily basis;
  • Carry out a weekly report of the achievements versus objectives (by individual, by region) and send it to the CopiL and the ComEx
  • Validate the achievement of objectives;
  • Ensure weekly and monthly reporting to the General Management.
  • Organize a monthly business review meeting with CopiL and ComEx
  • Organize a weekly sales meeting with their teams Their knowledge
  • Sales and merchandising techniques
  • Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Local economy
  • One or two foreign languages ​​including English.
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Knowledge of company products and/or services
  • Very good command of Excel (graphs, tables), Power Point and Word software
  • Natural facility with the use of the computer tool


  • Relational ease to play an interface role between his management and his team;
  • Excellent communicator with an increased sense of marketing and reporting
  • Great ability to motivate teams and make them grow
  • Natural authority to federate his team, stimulate it;
  • Ability to forge/build partnerships (wholesalers, distributors Cameroon and sub-region)
  • Be a very results-oriented impact manager
  • Adaptability to different interlocutors, environments and schedules;
  • Organization to coordinate and monitor his activity and that of his team;
  • Rigor and methodology to set up and follow its commercial policy;
  • Sense of argument to negotiate sales contracts;
  • Autonomy in the management of his team Decision-making power in the choices to be made for his team;
  • Great resistance to pressure to withstand the challenges to be met.


  • • Baccalaureate in Management Sciences and Techniques
  • • BTS or DUT Commercial techniques
  • • Business schools
  • • Engineering schools option business engineer

Please submit your copies of CNI, CV and cover letter to the offices located at Titi Garage opposite Karisse CLUB, or online at

Phone : +237 692993046 / +237 691046994

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