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Job Title : Regional Sales Coordinator

Reason for Recruitment : Marketing Development of the commercial network and Sales.

Mission and / or duties of the position:

  • Ensure that objectives are set for the sales force and partners and monitor their achievement
  • Regularly analyze the performance of the sales force (FDV) and carry out training, coaching and regular support to improve them;
  • Make continuous analyzes of its territory and propose actions to improve the situation of the brands and products of the company.
  • Ensure the smooth running of all commercial transactions in his region on a daily basis, reconcile the activities of his N-1s and ensure the perfect reconciliation of the activities of all the FDV existing on his territory.
  • Produce an analysis of sales trends in order to anticipate supplies
  • Compile all the information from competitive intelligence and report it to the RNV (  National Sales Manager) with a copy to the CEO
  • Develop periodically (annually, quarterly, monthly, etc.) the budgets of his region and ensure its management while monitoring the proper use of funds after validation by the  General Management.
  • Strengthen the a priori control systems by ensuring compliance with work procedures, the proper use of data collection documents (purchase order, delivery note, invoice, receipt, etc.)
  • Ensure the proper maintenance, proper use, validity of documents and security of all logistical means made available to his region.
  • While respecting the company’s valid human resources management system, proceed with the recruitment, training, integration, evaluation and remuneration of personnel working in his region.


  • Age: 30 and 55 years old
  • Origin/Nationality: Cameroonian
  • Gender: Male or Female

Knowledge and skills required:

  • Perfect knowledge of its territory;
  • Have a short-list of Wholesalers in its territory;
  • Have his residence located on his territory;
  • Have a driver’s license;
  • Have piloted, directed or supervised in the past a team of a minimum of 5 people.

Skills required:

  • Know how to read, write, and speak the official languages ​​French, English, Others….
  • Ability to speak local languages. ………………… (depending on the region).
  • Know how to use Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Others ……
  • Have a perfect mastery of sales techniques and good knowledge of marketing.
  • Have a good business sense and an ease in handling funds
  • Know how to drive a delivery car.

Know how to be required:

  • Being clean
  • Unifier, enthusiastic and dynamic;
  • Disciplined, honest and rigorous;
  • Organized, proactive and astute;
  • Be curious, good communicator and have a highly developed spirit of synthesis; ▪ Be physically and mentally fit to work under pressure; ▪ Availability and mobility.
  • Academic training required: Have at least a BTS in management or any other equivalent diploma
  • Desired professional experience: Minimum 5 years of experience in the distribution of food products (candies, biscuits), drinks, cigarettes.


Type of contract : CDI

Place of work: Regional capital

Tools and work materials available

  • Pickup
  • Communication credit.

Applications are received exclusively at the address:

Send:  Updated CV PDF version, cover letter and scanned CNI.

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