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Recruitment of Lecturers – Holy Family University Institute for Business and Biomedical Sciences

The Proprietor of  Holy Family University Institute for Business and Biomedical Sciences  (HOBISH-Simbock-Yaoundé/New Town Airport Douala) needs the services of qualified candidates to lecture in any of the above branches in the following departments

  • Medical laboratory Courses
  • Midwefery Races
  • Pharmacy Shopping
  • Dietetics/Nutrition
  • Economics (Entrepreneurship)

NB:  We need lecturers for HND/Bachelor’s Degree in the above programs

Application files, which must contain a detailed Curriculum Vitae, photocopy of highest Diploma or certificate, should be deposited at HOBISH main Campus at Carrefour Simbock Yaoundé or HOBISH Campus at Nex Town Airport Douala  on or before the 1st of August, 2022.

Interview for the selection of suitable candidates shall take place on the 6th August, 2022 at 9am prompt.

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