SOLUTIONS RH + EMPLOI SARL, a company specializing in the provision of personnel, is looking for the needs of one of its customers:  Electricians (location Douala/Yaoundé)


The main mission of the position will be to produce and maintain the proper functioning of the electrical connections, to reduce the probability of accidents and to optimize the accessibility of electricity in all the installations.

 Your missions will consist of:

  • Execute electrical wiring plans for the proper functioning of light, intercom and other systems;
  • Install devices, equipment for alarm systems and others;
  • Install safety and electrical distribution elements (e.g. switches, resistors, electrical panels, etc.);
  • Connect the cables of the electrical circuits and networks, ensuring the compatibility of the components;
  • Prepare and assemble the ducts, and connect the cables inside;
  • Avoid system failures by performing regular checks and replacing old cables, isolating cables, cleaning circuits, etc. ;
  • Perform effective troubleshooting to identify hazards or malfunctions, and repair or replace damaged units.

Profiles Wanted:

  • Be a graduate of vocational training or an apprenticeship diploma as an electrician;
  • Have 4 to 5 years of experience for work related to electrical projects;
  • Have undeniable ability to use electrical and manual tools (eg wire strippers, voltmeter, etc.) and to read electrical diagrams and plans
  • Have in-depth knowledge of security procedures, regulations and guidelines;
  • Have excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Have excellent physical condition and flexibility to work long hours and at night
  • Have a sense of confidentiality and rigor;
  • Have a sense of organization;
  • Have a good sense of communication and social relations;
  •  Speaking the English language would be an asset;
  • Punctuality and attendance;
  • Proactivity and flexibility (ability to meet challenges);
  • State of mind allowing teamwork.                                                                                

Those interested in this challenge are asked to send their file (CV in PDF format) to the following addresses: / / /

Your file will be treated confidentially.

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