Recruitment of academic and professional trainees in MARKETING

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APC SARL (AUDITING & PATRIMONIAL CONSULTING) is a firm specializing in strategic consulting in taxation, accounting, auditing, finance and human resources management. It also works in the practical training of young graduates and workers through training in the aforementioned fields and in the fields of marketing and digital professions through its subsidiary BEYOND TECHNOLOGIES SARL. With this in mind, the firm opens its doors to academic and professional trainees in MARKETING for a period of three (03) to six (06) months.


  • Contribute to market research.
  • Carry out competitive intelligence
  • Lead the reception and prospecting of customers
  • Manage the client portfolio
  • Suggest points for improvement on the company’s services
  • Contribute to the design of the marketing plan


  • Animate advertising campaigns
  • Design the brochures of the establishment
  • Create service promotion strategies
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative information on services
  • Establish the prospecting and field trip schedule to attract new customers


  • Know-how :
  • Team spirit ;
  • Strong ability to adapt
  • Creativity ;
  • Sense of organization
  • Expertise :
  • Mastery of office pack software (Word; Excel; PowerPoint)
  • Master Photoshop software
  • Mastering sales strategies and techniques
  • Required diploma: Hold a higher education diploma or any equivalent diploma (baccalaureate +2)

Professional experience: Beginner: 0-1 years
Age: 20-26 years


File to provide: CV and cover letter. The files will be provided by e-mail to the email address:

Deadline for submission of files 24-02-2023 

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