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Recruitment Notice: SENIOR ACCOUNTANT

THE BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is looking for a SENIOR ACCOUNTANT for its headquarters based in Douala

Attached to the Accounting and Finance Department, the senior accountant will be responsible for:

ü  Invoices and ensures the follow-up and collection of invoices issued;

ü  Ensures the compliance, completeness and archiving of the bundle of accounting documents;

ü  Ensures the financial security of the establishment and ensures the continuous improvement of the financial process and compliance with our procedures

ü  Ensures the reliability of the establishment’s accounts in accordance with the provisions of the OHADA uniform act, as well as with the social and tax legislation in force in Cameroon;

ü  Produces monthly and annual financial statements;


Auxiliary accounting (customers and suppliers)

–          Ensure the conformity of the student file;

–          Create and ensure the correct configuration of customer accounts (tax rate, tariff categories, outstanding billing, representative, payment terms, etc.) in accordance with internal procedures;

–          Create and ensure the correct configuration of articles (price, tax rate, general accounts, etc.);

–          Enter the proforma and follow the transformation until the final invoice

–          Ensure compliance on the substance and on the form of the published invoices;

–          Enter customer regulations (students);

–          Ensure payment reminders;

–          Produce weekly and monthly student solvency;

–          Established and archived the file of each of the suppliers;

–          Create supplier accounts in accordance with the procedures in force and ensure the correct configuration of the account (taxes, method of payment, payment terms, etc.);

–          Enter purchase orders and ensure the transformation of delivery notes into invoices;

–          Receive and check the conformity of supplier invoices;

–          Produce debit notes / withholding tax certificates to suppliers,

–          Submit for payment   the supplier invoices due weekly;

–          Receive copies of import files and verify the completeness and conformity of the documents;

–          Enter the cost structure of imported items and ensure the theoretical and physical movement of stock in the destination depot;

–          Produce at the end of each month, the state of invoices not received (BL not transformed);

–          Ensure supplier balance confirmation at least once a quarter;

–          Ensure the lettering of all third-party accounts;

General Accounting

–          Check compliance before entry and ensure the proper filing of the bundle of accounting documents;

–          Enter the cash documents and proceed to the cash orders at the end of each day, and follow the regularization of suspends and discrepancies

–          Enter bank documents and ensure bank reconciliations at the end of each month, and enter the resulting adjustments;

–          Ensure the accounting of payroll entries or the computer transfer of payroll software to accounting;

–          Update the accounting (discharge of invoices and payments from GESCOM into the accounting file);

–          Propose, validate and enter the imputation documents for the regularization of the accounts;

–          Ensure the accounting of fixed assets and depreciation;

–          Take part in the physical inventories of stock and fixed assets and ensure adjustments

–          Ensure the updating of the non-accounting file for monitoring fixed assets

–          Ensure the matching of accounts and in particular the checking accounts (51), internal transfer (58) and suspense accounts (47) and produce an explanatory report on the balances;

–          Calculate the monthly provisioned charges and end-of-year provisions to be included in the balance sheet;

–          Produce the monthly operating report;

–          Ensure the proper maintenance of parts and  accounting journals;

–          Ensure proper archiving of all accounting documents dating back less than 10 years;

–          Write accounting procedures;

–          Ensure all other specific tasks entrusted to him by his superiors.

Cost accounting

–          Ensure the update of the analytical plan

–          Ensure the proper analytical breakdown of expenses and products

–          Determine the average cost of items sold and the gross margin

–          Determine the result by profit center

–          Proceed to the reconciliation between the result of the general accounting and the analytical accounting.


–          Academic level: Bac + 3 in Logistics and transport option accounting, business management, or equivalent;

–          Professional experience: 04 – 05 years of experience in a similar position, ideally in a school

–          Minimum age: 28 years old;

–          Being able to work under pressure with hours of varying amplitudes;

–          Mastery of OHADA accounting assumptions and assertions and IFRS standards

–          Mastery of software: Suite office, SAP, Sage saari and   other accounting software

–          Mastery of stock management techniques;

–          Mastery of costing techniques;

–          Knowledge of local taxation

–          Fluency in English is essential.

Application file: CV, cover letter

Deadline: Monday August 01, 2022

Send your application to:

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