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Recruitment Notice: Regional Coordinator

Africa Health Impact (ISA)

Job Title:  Regional Coordinator

Joint Learning Program on Health Financing and Universal Health Coverage.
Position based in Cameroon or Kenya. Purpose and mandate of the program

Civil society engagement in health financing has improved considerably over the years. There are multiple strategies, guidelines and other documents that highlight the essential role of civil society in advocating for accessible and quality health care, the importance of multi-stakeholder platforms and the active participation of CSOs in these platforms.Lessons learned from CSO engagement frameworks show that the ability of CSOs to participate in the policy and governance of global initiatives and to play their advocacy and accountability role is linked to technical know-how as well as support. financial they received.

From local to national level, civil society organizations can oversee health spending, monitoring what is spent by national programs, district health departments or even local clinics, and using their findings to demand changes in budget allocations or how budgets are spent and prioritized; and to carry out advocacy actions around health expenditures that contribute to the progress of universal health.

This program aims to develop a cadre of trainers capable of building capacity by providing training on health financing, universal health care coverage and budget advocacy to civil society actors, media organizations and organizations. elected representatives at country level.

Our goal is to promote multi-stakeholder collaboration that, through constructive mechanisms, will hold governments and donors to account for the allocation and equitable use of funds for health.

Our training empowers local champions and stakeholders by being developed by civil society for civil society.

Minimum education required


A master’s degree in a field of study relevant to the technical field (project management, or global or public health, or development or communication).

Minimum experience required


At least 5 years of experience in related fields, including project management.

6 years of relevant and related experience.

Project objective and scope 
The program is currently at the start of phase 2. This phase will identify areas where CSOs need practical capacity building to effectively implement their advocacy plans and strategies; working with the expert group to help CSOs develop or refine national advocacy strategies; help CSOs define the national health financing priority to focus on for advocacy; to put into practice the knowledge acquired through appropriate capacity building, technical assistance, mentoring and subsidies.
Main objective of the position 
Be the general coordinator of the project, responsible for the overall management of the project: technical, administrative and financial. Therefore, he/she will have to perform the following tasks:
  • Lead project implementation by actively seeking and responding to feedback from all focal points, CSOs and other project stakeholders
  • Organize training/awareness activities related to the implementation of the project and act as a resource person, if necessary
  • Ensure the implementation of the project as indicated in the work plan, produce periodic progress reports, as well as final reports in accordance with the requirements of the GFF procedures;
  • Set up an information base and monitor activities, communicate and ensure good visibility of project achievements;
  • Coordinate monthly calls, quarterly camps/planning sessions and in-person meetings;
  • Contribute to smooth and regular communication between WACI Health and ISA teams and project partners in the field (civil society focal points) and strengthen partnership relations with other organizations involved in the project.
  • Collaborate with partners and stakeholders to ensure proper coordination and ownership of project activities and results;
  •  Perform any other tasks required by WACI Health and ISA as part of the implementation of the project.
  • Ensure programmatic and financial reporting to CSO focal points throughout project implementation.
  • Coordinate and track project Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) activities in the field, ensuring that implementation timelines are adhered to in accordance with the detailed activity plan , and that adherence to MEAL-related systems for quality project implementation is strengthened.
  • Coordinate communication and facilitate information sharing related to MEAL and Financial Reporting and Management (FRM) between the project team, implementing partners and civil society representatives to ensure effective participation local stakeholders in the implementation of the project.

Knowledge and skills

  • Strong knowledge of global health issues. Previous experience in the field of universal health coverage is strongly desired.
  • Excellent writing, editing and presentation skills in English and French are required – fully bilingual
  • Effective use of social media and preparation of print publications to promote global health projects required.
  • Experience in managing a website and online/virtual communication platforms and webinars.
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office; good knowledge of social media and experience in web content management.
  • Team spirit, resourcefulness and ability to work independently. • Proven experience of working in/with low- and middle-income countries is preferred, whether in program or advocacy.
  •  Experience planning and facilitating events and meetings.
  •  Ability to produce high quality reports.
How to apply
Please submit your CV and cover letter via the link provided  no later than Friday, June 17, 2022

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