Recruitment notice: MANAGER – Administrative and Financial Management


I- Presentation
         Structure: C4B Mandjou
 Objective of the structure: The C4B Mandjou aims to centralize and market legal coal from waste from sawmills in the Eastern Region in order to offer new outlets on a large scale for coal producers.
Type of contract: 03 months of training; CDD of 01 year. CDI perspective
Place of employment: Bertoua
Responsibilities: Administrative and Financial
Management of C4B Mandjou Inventory management
Commercial representation
II- Job description
Expected results:
    – The C4B is in good standing with the supervisory authorities and any organization necessary for the smooth running of its activities;
– C4B has rigorous and monitored accounts, the management and supervisory bodies are regularly informed of the development of activities;
– The requirements of rigor and quality set are respected, the employees of the structure evolve in a serene climate conducive to the execution of their respective tasks;
– Supply and marketing flows allow continuous operation of the structure;
– Planning, strategic orientations and compliance with implementation deadlines are applied;
– Customer satisfaction and compliance with contracts is at the heart of the structure’s enhancement policy;
– C4B explores and promotes new outlets.
Tasks/Responsibilities: – Sale of legal sawmill scrap coal and inventory management;
– Administrative follow-up to ensure the legal compliance of the structure;
– A quarterly activity and financial report, supplied through a clear commercial indicator monitoring system, is made available to the management and supervisory bodies of the structure;
– Human resources management (HRM), monitoring of the application of internal regulations by employees (training and support for staff);
– Development, classification and provision of planning documents, supervision of supplies, procurement, monitoring of implementation activities including commercial operations to achieve the objectives set by the General Assembly;
– Commercial prospecting, negotiation and customer relations;
– Organization of supply activities, supervision and monitoring of deliveries, ensuring compliance with contractual terms;
– Ensure legal coverage
 Required skills: – Have proven experience in the management of companies and organizations;
– Knowledge of the Office pack, in particular Excel,
– Know how to produce consolidated balance sheets;
– Have basic knowledge of marketing and sales;
Basic skills in corporate tax regulations in Cameroon.
 Required qualities: Good mastery of management and management tools, autonomy and strength of proposal in strategic decision-making, strong adaptability, great honesty and probity, rigor and persistence, negotiation and persuasion skills.
Level of study: BAC + 3 in Accounting and business management
Hours and working conditions: – 45H/week, availability if necessary outside working days;
– Social Security ;
– Office made available at the HUB

How to apply?
CV and cover letter sent to “C4B MANDJOU GIE”
Tel: (+237) 2 43 67 77 50 / 6 92 19 73 45; E-mail:
Deadline for admissibility of files: 07/20/2022
Only candidates whose profiles will be selected will be called for an interview.

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