Recruitment notice: Cook and Assistant cook

You are responsible for the organization, production and quality of the culinary services of the carter service.

Your main tasks are:

  • Develop the menus
  • Prepare meal quotes
  • Guarantee the whole production
  • Support product management
  • Organize, coordinate, supervise and participate in all culinary production
  • Serving meals in the refectory
  • Contribute to the optimization of the service
  • Ensure the application of health and safety rules  

Job environment: 

  • Company canteen with 10 to 100 covers
  • Work 9 days a week (excluding extra)
  • Possibility of extra in case of special events)
City: Yaounde
Number to supervise: 1 to 3
Number of covers: 10 to 100 
CV telephone contact: 691 92 00 62
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