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Recruitment notice: Community manager

1- Context

Ubix is ​​an agency specializing in the development of mobile applications and tailor-made websites.

As part of its activities, Ubix is ​​looking for a Community Manager whose mission will be to implement its digital communication strategy, in collaboration with the Communication Manager.

2- Responsibilities

The Community Manager will be responsible for:

  • Implement digital communication campaigns and strategies;
  • Increase and expand the company’s awareness and presence on social networks, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter;
  • Produce content that reflects Ubix’s vision;
  • Manage the editorial calendar;
  • Moderate comments, exchanges and messages on social pages;
  • Produce content for social networks based on the company’s activities and around its centers of interest;
  • Effectively engage the online business community;
  • Collect and analyze data on online business activity to assess reach, visits, views, engagement and other relevant performance indicators, with the goal of driving efficient use of resources.

3. Qualifications required:

  • Degree in Communication, Marketing or any other related field;
  • Professional experience (minimum 1 year) in Community Management;
  • Passion for the Web and Social Networks;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Mastery of Creator Studio, Google Ads, Facebooks Ads, Canva, etc. ;
  • Have a creative and innovative spirit;
  • Have an interest in the field of web development.

4. Documents to be submitted by the applicant

The application file must include:

  • A CV detailing the relevant experiences;
  • A link to your recently managed posts and pages;
  • A cover letter.

5. Submission

The application file must be sent to the following email address:

The deadline for submission is August 15, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. GMT.

NB: Offers received after this date will not be considered.

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