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 Quality control laboratory technician

Duties required for the position:

  • Carry out compliance measurements and analyzes (standards, rates, etc.) on the biological, chemical or physical quality of materials or products, using laboratory equipment, according to a control protocol and the rules of hygiene, safety , environment.
  • Prepare products and measuring and analysis devices and check their calibration and operating compliance
  • Receive samples or take samples of materials, products
  • Measure and analyze, collect data and transmit it
  • Control the application of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) procedures
  • Record the results of measurements and analyzes and fill in the monitoring materials
  • Perform first level maintenance of laboratory equipment
Required diploma:  BAC+ 2 in chemistry, biochemistry or similar fieldsSkills required for the position:

  • • Knowledge of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) food standards would be a plus. • Ability to adapt, rigor and organization, team spirit
  • Good data analysis ability
  • Be pragmatic in GMP analysis and verification processes.

Morality at the Post: 

Good written and oral expression in English/French • Experience in Quality Control desiredRequired diploma:  BAC+ 2 in chemistry, biochemistry or similar fields

Your N + 1:  QHSE Manager

Your N – 1:
  Hse Technicians and Operators

Language(s) Required for the position:  English or French

Substitute company:  Total Emploi RH

Application by email:

The deadline for admissibility of applications is July 30, 2022.
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