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As part of the implementation of its Green, Inclusive and Sustainable City project, CARE Cameroon plans to recruit One (01) Project Manager


CARE is one of the largest humanitarian aid networks in the world, apolitical and non-denominational that supports and manages emergency and development projects by involving communities, collaborating with local partners. Our objective is to fight against all forms of poverty, to defend access to fundamental rights, to combat social injustice. Supporting women’s empowerment and acting for their rights are essential actions in the fight against poverty, which is why women are at the heart of our programs. CARE is present in 100 countries and through the implementation of nearly 1000 emergency and development projects.

In Cameroon since 1978, CARE develops and implements 3 action programs (broken down into several projects) in response to humanitarian crises and support for sustainable development. They are part of the phases of emergency, resilience of women and young people, access to sexual health and reproduction of the populations most at risk, including PLHIV.

As part of the implementation of its Green, Inclusive and Sustainable City project, CARE Cameroon plans to recruit:
Position: One (01) Project Manager
Pole: Program
Form contract: CDD of one (01) year with possibility of renewal (Trial period included)
Working time: 40 hours per week (Full-time)
Reporting line: Maroua base field coordinator
Job location: Maroua

Assignment :

The Project Manager (PM) or (Project Manager) is responsible for planning, monitoring and coordinating the activities and supervising the technical teams and the implementing partners (PMEO) of the project. He. It also has a role of technical expertise on the green and sustainable urban planning component of the project.

  • He. She is in charge of ensuring the achievement of the expected objectives of the project within the CARE mission in Cameroon;
  • He. It must supervise the operational teams assigned to the project activities and be the guarantor of the proper execution and quality of the activities;
  • He. It is responsible for ensuring the quality of the implementation of programmatic approaches related to the project and the capitalization of project interventions;
  • He. She is in charge of the transfer of skills of tools and approaches related to governance to the team and to the implementation partners (PMEO) – urban community of Maroua (CUM), district municipalities and CSOs;
  • He/she is under the supervision of the field coordinator of the Maroua base.

Main responsibilities:

Function 1: Coordination of project operations

Responsibility 1.1: Planning and monitoring

  • Coordinate the development of the project’s annual work plan with the participation of PMEOs (CUM, municipalities, ALDEPA);
  • Coordinate the operational planning of the CARE team;
  • Organize regular planning, coordination and update sessions with the technical team of the project and the Implementing Partners as part of the realization of the project work plan;
  • Ensure close monitoring of the action plans of team members and partners;
  • Formulate recommendations for technical capacity building of team members and partners.

Responsibility 1.2: Quality assurance of interventions

  • Accompany the technical team and PMEOs in learning and applying the quality standards established for project interventions;
  • Ensure that gender aspects are taken into account;
  • Coordinate the preparation (logistics, content, technical assistance), implementation and monitoring of project training activities;
  • Contribute to the development and monitor the implementation of programmatic quality measurement tools internal to CARE and specific to the action (performance framework, dashboard, gender markers, resilience and governance, quality checklist, PIIRS) with the monitoring department , evaluation, accountability and learning;
  • Facilitate the sharing and dissemination of good practices and lessons learned from the project with other projects of the economic and climate justice program

Responsibility 1.3: Preparation of reports

Function 2: Personnel Management and Security

Responsibility 2.1 : Lead, manage and supervise the project team in order to meet the expected objectives of the project
Responsibility 2.2 : If possible, participate in the recruitment of national technical staff by discussing suitable job profiles and in liaison with the human resources department
Responsibility 2.3 : Conduct the periodic review of staff performance and regular coaching of employees to ensure a high level of motivation, commitment, ability and teamwork
Responsibility 2.4 : Identify potential for development in his team and bring up the information to his supervisor
Responsibility 2.5 : Safety and security

Function 3: Management, administration and support for PMEOs

Responsibility 3.1 : Develop and review projected and committed expenses of the project then make the necessary budget adjustments in collaboration with the administrative department,
Responsibility 3.2 : Ensure timely and accurate reporting of project finances and the progress of the implementation implementation of the project,
Responsibility 3.3 : Coordination of the purchasing process in collaboration with the logistics department
Responsibility 3.4 : Ensure proper management of goods acquired for the project
Responsibility 3.5 : Ensure rigorous monitoring of the execution of subcontracts by PMEOs (compliance with terms of reference and implementation deadlines, etc.)
Responsibility 3.6: Monitor the implementation of audit recommendations by PMEOs (Communities and Associations);
Responsibility 3.7 : To take care of the administration of the complete cycle of the subcontracts, their preparation, their administration and their closing;

Function 4: Capitalization and closure of the project

Responsibility 4.1 : Ensure the evaluation and capitalization of the project
Responsibility 4.2 : Develop and coordinate the implementation of the project closure plan
Responsibility 4.3 : Contribute to the administrative and financial closure of the project
Responsibility 4.4 : Contribute to the logistical closure of the project

Function 5: Technical support for green, inclusive and sustainable urbanization

Responsibility 5.1 : Support the conduct of studies and analyzes (CVCA and participatory mapping, circular economy study, technical and social-environmental feasibility studies);
Responsibility 5.2 : Coordinate key activities carried out by external consultants (mapping, development of green urbanization documents, infrastructure, development of the waste management system, etc.);
Responsibility 5.3 : Ensure the strengthening of the project team and PMEOs on the project’s flagship tools related to green, inclusive and sustainable urbanization.

Function 6: Related Tasks

Responsibility 6.1 : Represent the National Coordination in case of absence in the project area if duly mandated;
Responsibility 6.2 : Support the drafting of project proposals or CARE Cameroon annual reports;
Responsibility 6.3 : Attend team meetings.


Qualifications :

  • Min Bac+5 required (specialty urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, environmental engineering) or related fields;
  • Experience of at least 5 years in an international NGO and/or in a municipality and/or in the private sector related to green, inclusive and sustainable urban planning;
  • Experience of at least 5 years in managing a complex program including budget management, human resources, logistics and programmatic;
  • Experience of at least 5 years with key tools and approaches aimed at the inclusion of women, young people, displaced people and / or people with disabilities;
  • Experience of at least 5 years on the themes of urban governance at the level of urban communities and/or district municipalities;
  • Experience in program and/or humanitarian project management would be an asset;
  • Strong skills in the development of intervention strategies with local partners including local authorities (town halls), civil society organizations, social movements;
  • Excellent technical coaching skills and experience of at least 3 years supervising employees;
  • Computer proficiency: Microsoft Office (Word – Excel – Powerpoint), Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, video conferencing software (zoom, skype), data collection and processing (kobo, etc.)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in French, good communication skills in English would be an asset.


  • Excellent organizational, planning and management skills;
  • Demonstrate adherence to CARE values ​​– Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, Transformation;
  • Communicate and listen effectively to internal and external collaborators;
  • Strong ability to prevent and manage conflicts;
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to unstable contexts;
  • Ability to work effectively within a team and managerial skills;
  • Faculty of adaptation, ingenuity and autonomy;
  • Ability to manage deadlines and workloads effectively;
  • Ability to oversee the financial management of budgets;
  • Ability to act in a network (exchange of information with other NGOs, state actors, participation in working groups, etc.)


IMPORTANT – HOW TO APPLY (Follow the instructions please)

1- Those interested in this offer are kindly requested to complete the form provided for this purpose by following the link below:
2 – At the end of the form, you will be given another link through which you will only send your CV and cover letter

1. Female candidates are strongly encouraged;
2. Any application transmitted by a channel other than that indicated above will not be taken into account;
3. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted personally.

Closing date of the offer: February 22, 2023 at 5 p.m. sharp. 

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