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The Economic Community of Central African States is recruiting 01 Program Assistant (PA)

CORPORATE NAME : Project Coordination and Management Unit (UCGP) Regional “Hub” on Transparency of Climate Action for Central African States POSITION TITLE
: Program Assistant (AP)
PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT : Douala – Cameroon
TYPE OF CONTRACT : Full-time individual service contract
DURATION : CDD 1 year (renewable)

Terms of reference


The Commission of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) is the executive body of the regional economic integration instrument in Central Africa. Its constitutive treaty of October 18, 1983 was the subject of a revision signed on December 18, 2019 and ratified to date by all 11 countries of the sub-region. It covers all the activities of public institutions, private companies, civil society and the populations of the region in an integral dynamic perspective based on five pillars: peace and security; common market ; environment and natural resources; land use planning and infrastructure; gender and human development. Economic Growth,

Humanity is facing one of the crucial challenges of the present times, namely climate change and the degradation of earth resources, which threaten the living environment of man and undermine the economic development efforts of countries, especially those developing countries.

To deal with this crisis, under the aegis of the United Nations, three major environmental conventions were adopted in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC ), to which all the member states of ECCAS[1] have adhered. Each of these States is making efforts to implement it. In view of the constantly growing threats and to strengthen climate action, the parties to the UNFCCC adopted the Paris agreement in December 2015, which, unlike the Kyoto Protocol, is binding on all parties that sign on to it. commit, through a Nationally Determined Contribution (CDN), called to be renewed and be more ambitious every 5 years. It was indeed this exercise that had just been engaged in.

with a view to supporting Member States in setting up comprehensive and sustainable MRV systems and encouraging exchanges of experience between States. It aims to:

1. Create a center of expertise for climate action transparency
2. Assess the needs and priorities of each country
3. Build capacity in the Congo Basin
4. Create a network of national experts and officials
5 Disseminate tools and guidelines to support transparency
6. Support resource mobilization

This Hub is a collaborative approach involving the countries of the Congo Basin and various institutions and technical and financial partners supporting the Transparency of Climate Action.

For the management of this new initiative in Central Africa, the ECCAS Commission has created a Coordination and Management Unit of the said Hub based at CAPC-AC in Douala, Cameroon. As part of the constitution of the staff of this unit, it is planned to recruit a Program Assistant.

As such, the Project Coordination and Management Unit invites motivated nationals of ECCAS Member States to submit their application for the post of Program Assistant.


The objective is to support the Head of Programs in the execution of tasks and contribute to the strategic development of projects in line with the objectives of the Hub. He/she supports the Head of Programs in the development of ToRs, reports and provides technical liaison between countries.


The Program Assistant is responsible for monitoring studies, preparing prodocs and ToRs in line with the project’s objectives. To this end, he/she must:

  • Ensure the technical liaison and the support of the “help desk” for the countries;
  • Develop and maintain an online presence (web/portal);
  • Collect feedback on engagement from the Hub team and wider experts;
  • Support the program manager and coordinator;
  • Provide feedback to managers on your own level of engagement in the work of the hubs;
  • He/she will work in direct and close collaboration with the program coordinator in order to monitor and report on technical progress, the engagement of experts and the development of technical documents.


Under the general supervision of the Hub Coordinator, and the direct supervision of the Head of Programs, he/she is responsible for the coordination and control of activities, the monitoring of studies, the preparation of pro docs and ToRs in connection with the the project’s objectives.

As such, he/she performs the following activities:

  • Support in the regular monitoring of commitments (activities, objectives and targets, reports) and their proper execution;
  • Contact and liaise with country focal points and experts;
  • Compile and prepare information and presentation materials for the Hub and documentation for meetings.
  • Assist in the organization of meetings held by the Hub (e.g. steering committee, working groups, etc.) and provide secretarial support during and before meetings, including note taking, etc.
  • Maintain calendars/schedules; monitor changes and communicate relevant information to the Hub Coordinator;
  • Develop and maintain an online presence to guarantee exchanges of experience and expertise on the web portal;
  • Include a library/knowledge base of available and appropriate systems and tools – models, tools, data analysis, etc. Role of IT strategy;
  • Support the Head of Programs and the Coordinator to continuously improve the competence, consistency and motivation of the hub team and experts;
  • Prepare TORs, work plans and technical progress reports (to ECCAS and ICAT), engagement with technical experts and development of technical documents and funding requests;
  • Support in the preparation of reports to donors; 
  • Identify areas that would increase engagement and improve results;
  • Support for the development of new funding proposals;
  • Control of the application of recommendations issued by external experts;


The candidate for the position of Program Assistant must have specialized training in project management, business development or environmental sciences, meeting the criteria and references below:

  • Hold at least a higher diploma in project management, business development or environmental sciences at BAC+5 level;
  • Have successful professional experience in a similar position of at least 3 years, preferably in projects funded by international donors;
  • Good knowledge of the UNFCCC process and the Paris Agreement
  • Have a good understanding of analytical and thematic transparency in adaptation, climate change mitigation and support;
  • Have good communication and engagement skills;
  • Have good IT systems development/design skills and experience working with IT companies;
  • Have good project management skills;
  • Have experience in the use of standard office software (Word, Excel, Email, Power point, Access) and a perfect command of at least two accounting and financial management software;
  • Have the ability and predisposition to work in a multicultural team

Female candidates are strongly encouraged


  • Proactivity and adaptability


  • A working knowledge of French and English is essential.
  • Knowledge of another language (Spanish, Portuguese) is desirable.

Motivated candidates are invited to submit their application (first): CV (with three references) + cover letter to the President of the ECCAS Commission at the email address below: hubclimat@ with copy to

Deadline: April 15, 2023  

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