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Pre-employment professional internship offer

Sector of activity: New Information and Communication Technologies
Location: Yaoundé, Rue CEPER
Job Title: Professional Intern
Profile: Telecommunications Works Engineer
Telephone: +237 696 265 851 / +237 222 219 854

Development Business Service (DBS) , a company specializing in new information and communication technologies (NTIC) whose expertise is based on spectrum management, fiber optics, development of value-added services, etc. Endowed with a rich and diversified human potential with several years of national and international professional experience. As part of the operationalization of these activities, is looking for a project assistant.

Functions and responsibility:
The project assistant will work under the responsibility of the Managing Director. He will assume the following tasks:
  • Assist the Head of Mission in the execution of projects
  •  Manage a portfolio of projects
  • Participate in data collection for various studies
  •  Write meeting minutes
  •  Write the specifications
  • Ensure compliance with the project schedule
  •  Participate in the drafting of project deliverables
Technical skills
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of USSD/SMSC
  • Analytical and synthetic skills
  • Excellent relational skills
  •  Good knowledge of the market and industry
Transversal skills
  • Dynamism / Creativity
  •  Communication
  •  Strong ability to learn and adapt
  •  Rigor
Language skills
  • Mastery of the French language
  • English language proficiency
Constitution of the file:
  • Curriculum vitae
  •  Cover letter
  • References (Optional)
  •  Open-mindedness
  •  Leadership
The complete file must be submitted to the address with the subject DBS-STAGE Professionnel – “Candidate’s name”.
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