Packaging Machine Operators

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Les Boissons du Cameroun is launching a call for external applications for the positions of Packaging Machine Operators, classified in the 4th category. 


 Conditions to be fulfilled

  • Justify a minimum experience of 02 years in the field of Packaging;
  • Hold at least a Technical Professional Aptitude Certificate (CAP) or a Certificate of First Cycle Studies (BEPC); 
  • Having been a Service Provider or Temporary on one of the SABC Group sites would be an asset.

Main activities

  • Prepare the packaging
  • Selects the automatic running program of the machines according to the format of bottles to be filled; Checks the working condition of the equipment and reports any anomalies; 
  • Control via a console of the predefined process parameters (temperature, pressure, soda concentration, rate) and the visual quality of washing (absence of caustic residues and efficiency of bottle washing). 
  • Bottle the drink 
  • Applies the production start-up instructions (product change and end of production) while respecting the prescribed specifications; 
  • Selects in the machine among the predefined recipes the one relating to the type of drink and the container format (PET bottles, glass bottles, cans) to be filled; 
  • Supplies the machine with corks, crowns or screw caps according to the production program, avoiding machine downtime; 
  • Bottles the product in accordance with the required specifications (Brix, Primitive extract, CO2, compliance with the bottle burst program) and the volume initially made available by the internal supplier (Brewing, syrup). 
  • Pasteurize the product (Heat treat the product) 
  • Selects in the machine the recipe relating to the type of drink to be pasteurized; 
  • Initializes the reading probe of the pasteurization units (EBRO probe) through the computer terminal connected to a computer; 
  • Controls the quality of the heat treatment of the beverage by ensuring compliance with the prescribed number of pasteurization units. 
  • Perform packaging operations 
  • Selects in the machine, among the predefined recipes, the one relating to the type of containers (glass bottles, PET bottles) to be labeled (for older machines the settings are made manually); Supplies the labeling machine with the dressing elements according to the withdrawal program (labels, back labels, collars and glue); 
  • Selects from the predefined recipes the one corresponding to the format and type of drink to be boxed, bundled and palletized; 
  • Stick a traceability label on the pallets of finished products (product name, date of withdrawal, factory, production line, order number, time of release).

Knowledge required

1. Knowledge

  • Specifics of the packaging process.

2. Know-how

  • Driving the machine;
  • Brewing techniques;
  • Enforcement of decisions.

3. Soft skills

  • Rigor, vigilance, speed and precision;
  • Good nervous and physical resistance to working conditions (noisy environment); Team spirit; 
  • Self control. 
  • Take part in the rituals in place. 


Send your application file consisting of:

  • Your cover letter;
  • Photocopy of the required diploma; 
  • Any document attesting to your status as a Service Provider/Temporary within the SABC Group; Your updated CV, 

directly to the Human Resources Department (Headquarters staff only) or via the HR departments of the Plants, Regions and Subsidiaries . 

Deadline: 03/30/2023.  
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