Operations Manager – Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation

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Job Title: Operations Manager 

Location: Southern Region

Supervisor: Director of Operations

Closing Date  : March 4, 2023

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation is a world leader in the fight against HIV and AIDS in children. It operates in 19 countries and more than 5,000 sites worldwide to prevent the vertical transmission of HIV to children and help those who are already infected. Today, thanks to the success of the work of the Foundation and its partners, pediatric AIDS has been virtually eliminated in the United States. With a global workforce of more than 3,100 people, nine out of 10 of whom work in the field – the Foundation’s global mission is to implement programs for the prevention, care and treatment of HIV; advancing innovative research; and lead strategic and targeted global advocacy to bring about dramatic change in the lives of millions of women, children and families around the world. For more information visit our page: www.pedaids.org

EGPAF works in partnership with the Ministry of Health and regional and district health teams to support HIV prevention, treatment and treatment and health systems strengthening services. EGPAF is primarily funded by PEPFAR through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Job Summary

Main responsibilities:

1.       Finance

·         Ensure relevant, contextualized and comprehensive financial procedures are implemented, periodically reviewed and strictly adhered to/compliant.

·         Facilitate a strong internal control environment through adequate segregation of duties, appropriate validation thresholds, job rotations, approval of bank reconciliations, etc.

·         Act as the senior financial analyst for the sub-office, preparing solid expense forecasts, reviewing reserve reports and leading the implementation of variance reports generated into actual monthly reports

·         Ensure that sub-office financial reports are completed on time, accurately and timely and that compliance issues related to sub-office financial reports are resolved within 5 working days of receipt.

·         Supervise, mentor and build capacity of sub-office finance staff, identify skills gaps and address them through on-the-job training, while recommending other appropriate external training.

2.      Purchasing and logistics

·         Ensure relevant, contextualized and comprehensive procurement procedures are implemented, periodically reviewed and strictly adhered to/adhered to.

·         Coordinate the sub-office’s annual procurement planning cycle and manage a transparent and compliant selection of the list of local approved suppliers.

·         Act as property manager for the sub-office supporting office inventory control, as well as managing locally purchased supplies for the sites. Will be required to perform an annual and documented physical audit of office assets and ensure that site supplies are fully tracked and documented through to delivery to sites. Ensure that all office assets are tagged and insured

Provide         high-level fleet management advice including optimal planning, documented analytical reporting of vehicle usage logs against satellite tracking information, fuel consumption reports and timing main for all vehicles.

·         Supervise, mentor and build capacity of sub-office procurement staff, identifying skills gaps and providing on-the-job training, as well as recommending other appropriate external training.

3.      Administration

Develop         , implement and ensure a clear office access policy

·         Develop tools for tracking and managing office supplies (kitchen, stationery, etc.) and build the capacity of office administrators for their effective use.

·         Oversee service contracts for office repair and maintenance, utility contracts as well as office rental contracts, ensuring they are competitive and current.

·         Supervise, mentor and build capacity of sub-office administrative staff, identifying skills gaps and providing on-the-job training, as well as recommending other appropriate external training.

4.      Information Technology

·         Ensure that all IT policies and procedures are strictly adhered to, including sub-office file backup procedures

Ensure         a comprehensive and documented sub-office disaster recovery plan

·         Supervise, mentor and build capacity of sub-office IT staff, identifying skills gaps and providing on-the-job training, as well as recommending other appropriate external training.

5.      Human Resources

·         Human resources focal point of the sub-office guiding the Yaoundé agency regarding human resources concerns and needs

·         Provide support and guidance in carrying out performance reviews and assist the Cameroon Human Resources Department in carrying out performance reviews.

·         Coordinate local recruitments as needed with the support of the Human Resources Department in Cameroon

·         Ensure that all sub-office HR policies and procedures are strictly adhered to eg. Hours of work policy, leave documentation policy, etc.

6.       Other Responsibilities

Support all other audits and compliance audits conducted at the sub-office level

Facilitate linkages and effective collaboration with sub-office program staff through regular meetings and other communication forums

Oversee the security needs of the sub-office in liaison with the Deputy Director of Operations Cameroon.

Provide ad hoc reports on a needs basis

Other work-related tasks that may be assigned by the supervisor

Qualifications required

Experience and Education:

·         Minimum qualification: Master’s degree in a business field

·         Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in a similar position in an international organization

·         At least three years of experience in donor-funded project accounting (preferably USG-funded) at a management level

·         Working knowledge of English and French

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

1. Excellent communication skills

2. Well-developed interpersonal skills

3. Strong work ethic and ability and willingness to work long hours

4. Able to work in a team and willing to learn

5. Intercultural competence demonstrated by self-confidence and the ability to make relevant presentations in front of diverse audiences

6. IT, including accounting software

7. Willingness to travel

8. Team Development – Developing others is a person’s ability to perform and contribute to the organization by providing continuous feedback and providing opportunities for learning through formal and informal methods.

9. Conflict Management: This is a person’s ability to encourage creative tension and differences of opinion. He/she will anticipate and take action to prevent counter-productive confrontations while resolving conflicts and disagreements constructively.

10. People Management – People management is a person’s ability to build and manage people based on organizational goals, budget, considerations and staffing needs. He will ensure that employees are properly recruited, selected, evaluated and rewarded. He/she will also manage a multicultural workforce and a variety of workforce situations.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates meeting the above requirements will be contacted.

This position is dependent on donor funding.

To apply for this job please visit phe.tbe.taleo.net.

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