Notice of recruitment of 08 Supermarket employees: 02 Cashiers, 02 Waitresses, 01 Maintenance agent, 02 Salespeople and 01 Window dresser-decorator – ULTRA SHOP

File composition: CV, cover letter and location plan
Email address to apply:

Name of the structure ULTRA SHOP

Profile: 01 Window dresser-decorator. : Technical knowledge of decoration and fitting out of commercial spaces, Knowledge of sales techniques and commercial communication, Team coordination capacity.

Profile: 02 Waitresses: Be friendly and smiling, know how to guide customers in their choice, be discreet, adapt their work pace to the establishment’s customers, present the bill at the right time and make customers want to come back and be able to work standing.

Cashier profile: 02 Welcome customers cordially, register products using a barcode, announce the final price and cash the customer.

Commercial profile: 0 2 Self-confidence, able to listen, stay focused, communicate. Be creative, persevering and awake.

Profile Maintenance agent: 01 Clean and wash the floors and windows, dust off the furniture, clean the sanitary facilities, ventilate the premises and depollute them and clean the private outdoor spaces as well as empty the baskets and garbage cans.

City: Yaoundé, BA’ABA District

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