Massive Recruitment: The royal knowledge bilingual school complex is hiring!

As part of the opening of its doors for the 2022-2023 school year, the ROYAL KNOWLEDGE BILINGUAL SCHOOL COMPLEX located at the Tsinga village roundabout is recruiting for the needs of its services:

As part of the opening of its door for the 2022 -2023 school year, the BILINGUAL SCHOOL COMPLEX ROYAL KNOWLEDGE located at roundabout Tsinga recruits for the needs of its services:

  • Pedagogical supervisors
  • Secretaries/secretaries
  • Drivers
  • Janitors/Cleaners
  • Ranges/Cooks
  • Teachers
  • Anglophone/Anglophone
  • Francophone/Francophone
  • Bilingual/Bilingual
  • Specialized/Specialized
  • Puéricultrices/Child care provides/nurse
  • Coordinator/ Educational coordinators Lifeguard/ Life guard
Contact us: +237 650 465 655      
Location: Tsinga village roundabout

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