Massive Recruitment of Various Profiles at National Employment Fund – kribi

  • Kribi

The National Employment Fund, Local Agency of Kribi informs job seekers that in view of the launch of its production activities, a cement company established on the port site of Mboro, is recruiting:

    • 1 Electrical and Electronic Maintenance Technician –
    • 1 Electrical and Electronic Maintenance Technician (Automation)
    • 3 Machine Maintenance Technician

  • 7 Machine Maintenance Worker
  • 3 Electric and Electronic Maintenance Worker
  • 2 Electric and Electronic Maintenance Worker(Automation)
  • 6 laboratory workers
  • 4 Calcine clay production Technician (Oven, Stockhall)
  • 4 Central room control Operators
  • 4 Cement Production Technician
  • 4 Cement production Workers
  • 7 Calcine clay production (Loader Operator)
  • 4 Calcine clay production Worker
  • 3 Weighbridge
NB: A good experience in a cement factory and a perfect command of the English and French languages ​​are assets.

Interested candidates with these profiles should choose one of the following options:

  •  Get closer to the Kribi local agency, located in the administrative district for more
  • information (if you live in Kribi),
  •  Get closer to the FNE Agency closest to your home (for those candidates who live in other cities) and meet your Employment Advisor to give him your CV for transmission to the FNE Kribi,
Apply via the following email address: or whatsapp at number 696717617 , specifying your FNE registration number. 
Deadline: Wednesday, July 20, 2022.
Click here and learn how to register at the  National Employment Fund

Candidates not yet registered with the FNE must present themselves, with their registration files (simple photocopies of the CNI, the last diploma, certificates of internships or work, etc.) at the FNE agency closest to their residence or domicile, in order to register beforehand before applying.
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