Massive recruitment of staff at ECCAS

Call for applications for recruitment at ECCAS – 33 vacancies

The President of the ECCAS Commission informs all nationals of ECCAS Member States that the following positions are to be filled at the headquarters of the ECCAS Commission in Libreville, Gabonese Republic .

These are the following positions:

  1. Director of Political Affairs
  2. Director of the Central Africa Early Warning Mechanism (MARAC)
  3. Head of Mail Department;
  4. Head of Human Resources Administration;
  5. Head of Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation Department;
  6. Head of Studies;
  7. Human Resources Expert
  8. Legal Expert in Public International Law;
  9. Legal Expert in Legislation, Regulation and Litigation;
  10. Expert in charge of Conferences and Ceremonies;
  11. ECCAS Financial Resource Mobilization Expert;
  12. Program administration expert;
  13. Procurement expert;
  14. Mediation and preventive diplomacy expert;
  15. Expert Analyst;
  16. Regional Security Expert;
  17. Expert in charge of industrial development and promotion of the private sector;
  18. Common Market Development Expert;
  19. Expert in Customs Affairs and Trade Facilitation;
  20. Food, Nutrition and Agribusiness Expert;
  21. Expert in economics and development of extractive resources;
  22. Water Resources Economics Expert;
  23. Expert in Spectrum and Frequency Management;
  24. Expert in new and renewable energies;
  25. Structural engineer;
  26. Legal expert in maritime transport;
  27. Public Health Expert;
  28. Pharmacist, Research and Industry;
  29. Migration and employment expert;
  30. Childhood Expert;
  31. Cultural expert;
  32. Responsible for Administration of websites, social networks, marketing and Infographics;
  33. Senior technician in maintenance and computer support.

Each application file must meet the conditions mentioned in the job description. Complete files as detailed in each job profile must be sent by e-mail no later than June 15, 2022 to the following address:

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