Massive Recruitment: 100+ Vacancies

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As part of the extension of its activities, the company Cheaps’ specialized in E-service , launches in the cities of Cameroon, a vast recruitment of personnel within it.
The profiles sought are as follows:

1) Commercial agents (100) for the city of Yaoundé.
Required level : ages and professional experience not required.
NB : salaries from 70,000 FCFA per month . Only for applicants for the position of commercial agent. Equipment required for this position ( telephone or any other device connected to the internet ).

Composition of the file:

  • A handwritten request addressed to the CEO of cheaps”.
  • CV (possibly)
  • A photocopy of the CNI
  • A photocopy of the last diploma (if applicable)
  • A location map

2) Executives including (01 Manager in charge of communication ; 01 Manager in charge of customers and accountant)

Profile of the applicant :
1- To be perfectly bilingual and to have a perfect mastery of the French and English language.
2- Perfectly master the communication based on the computer tool.
3- Have the ability to work under pressure.
4- Without distinction of sex.
5- Have at least a BCC+2.
6- The level of experience is required (2 years completed).
7- Good negotiation reporting skills, good interpersonal skills.
8 Have the ability to work independently.
9. Be dynamic and have an ability to adapt.

Required level:

  • At least sanctioned a BTS with the required profile and having an experience of two years (2) in a local company.

3) 01 Digital Marketing Manager.

Required level:

  • At least be sanctioned with a certificate of end of training in an establishment recognized by the State With the required profile and having an experience of two (2) in a company of the place possibly.

Composition of the file:

  • Handwritten request addressed to the CEO of cheaps’.
  • resume
  • Photocopy of the last two diplomas
  • Photocopy of certificate of completion
  • Photocopy of the last employment contract
  • Photocopy of the last payslip
  • Photocopy of the end of internship letter
  • Photocopy of the CNI
  • Location Plan

NB : the files of the applicants of the city of Yaoundé are to be deposited at the general management located in the Largest building in front of the MVOG BI chapel . 


Files that arrive after the desired quota will not be taken into account. Those of applicants in other cities only should file online from the following Link:

Our contacts: 698 330 974/691 674 218/670 704 005

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