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Marketing supervisor is responsible for creating sales plans to meeting strategic organization goals, building membership, and providing strategic solutions for sales efforts including campaigns, tradeshows, and client acquisition. Determines sales areas, quotas, targets; coordinate sale work and develop training programs for sales people, analyze sales data, determine sale potential and monitor customer preferences, manage team.

Duties and responsibilities:

Kim international is looking for Marketing Supervisor

  • Develop a network communication
  • Develop a digital sales strategy
  • Divide the company’s sales target into regional targets and specify collection targets for different customers
  • Setting up a performance evaluation scorecard
  • To have an in-depth knowledge in the nappy and the sanitary napkin market and to develop a strategy for market dominance
  • Develop a competitive intelligence strategy
  • To develop new products by observing the market and proposing customers, the following information is needed: standard, packaging, price, channel analysis and market volume
  • Analyze sales, recommend product orders with headquarters, manage stock
  • Assign sales target to team, monitor progress over time
  • Leading the sales strategy for manager and salespeople, helping underperforming manager and sales people; training new manager
  • Develop team turnover, monitor manager
Requirements and Qualifications
  • Position: Marketing Supervisor
  • Language Proficiency: English (Good)
  • Education: university degree
  • Computer Proficiency: Microsoft Excel(Good)
  • Previous Experience: at least 2years of experience requiring similar skills
  • Strong leadership and custor management abilities
  • Excellent market analysis
  • Good analytical skills
The candidates are requested to send their CV by email to address: e  with the subject  “Marketing Supervisor”  or to submit their file to our secretariat located in sudanese Akwa, Boulevard de la liberté610, HUB building, 1st floor.
Deadline: 23 May 2022

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