Manager of a training center

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The ACF Vocational Training Center is looking for the need for its services

1) a center manager

Qualification required for the position

  • Have an experience of at least 2 years in this position or have had a professional experience of at least 1 year in the position
  • Have strong knowledge in the field
  • Be a good leader
  • Organize and direct the activity of an organization in its pedagogical, financial, administrative and logistical aspects.
  • He/she will be responsible for defining and implementing the entity’s development policy and strategy.
  • Develop the educational project
  •  Collect and identify needs (analysis).
  •  Define the policy of the structure and its strategic orientations in connection with the general policy of the establishment and regulatory developments.
  •  Perform pedagogical engineering and training design.

Training management

  •  Manage the pedagogical training project: planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  •  Recruit students/trainees and ensure saturation of training (recruitment of the number of candidates in relation to the number of places available).
  •  Ensure a pedagogical watch (ratios, follow-up of speakers/trainers, etc.).
  • Management and coordination of the activity of the training center
  •  Identify, recruit, train and lead a network of trainers (internal and/or external).
  •  Manage the human resources of teaching staff and related services (catering, accommodation, etc.).
  •  Manage relations with employee representative bodies (IRP).
  •  Research and negotiate funding, carry out requests.
  •  Ensure administrative management (entry of training, trainees, speakers, invoicing).
  •  Manage material and logistical resources.
  •  Ensure compliance with the regulatory provisions in force, applicable to training activities (operating authorizations, administrative approvals, etc.).
  •  Guarantee compliance with the legal framework in connection with certifications (ISO 9001, Qualiopi, etc.).
  •  Control and monitor the quality of training services.
  •  Supervise and animate the teams (administrative pole, educational engineering, trainers, salespeople, service providers).
  •  Develop activity reports, ensure reporting to management.
  • Communication and development of the training center
  • Define a communication plan and put it in place to build the notoriety and visibility of the training center.
  • Develop external communication, relations with institutions, companies, associations, skill operators, the media.
  • Represent the training organization with the various private or public partners.
  • Ensure information and internal communication of the training organization.
  • Develop the activity of the training center through loyalty actions for existing students/trainees.
  • Organize the prospection of new trainees.
  • Initiate new educational offers and deploy them.

Day before

  •  Ensure a regulatory watch on the world of training.
  •  Ensure a technological watch (pedagogical methods, animation tools, etc.).
  •  Provide competitive intelligence.




  • resume
  • A location map
  • Evidence of experience

Application files are sent only to the email address

Followed by the subject: academic director

Application deadline March 10

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