Logistics Manager

  • CM

Supervises: Logistics Officers, Logistics Assistants
Reporting to: Country Logistics Coordinator Duty
station: Kousseri
Type of contract: CDD
Duration of contract: 09 months
Availability: April 2023


The flying logistics manager supports the logistics coordinator in the management of
logistics activities in the Far North region and the compilation of logistics data for the
INTERSOS Cameroon mission:

  • He/she supervises the process of purchasing the goods, services and materials necessary for the accomplishment of the projects, in compliance with the procedures required by INTERSOS.
  • He/she ensures the proper supply of projects in the Far North.
  • He/she monitors the assets of the mission: vehicles, radiocommunication and IT.
  • He/she is the guarantor of compliance with equipment management rules in the Far North region.
  • He/she ensures the continuous training of logistics teams in INTERSOS procedures in the Far North region.
  • He/she ensures the compilation of the logistic reports of the Cameroon mission.
  • He/she acts as the Logistics Coordinator in the event of absence.
  • He/she acts as interim logisticians in case of absence.


Supervision of order processing, procurement and implementation of the purchasing process:

  • Support logisticians in purchasing management.
  • Communicates with requesters on the progress of processing their purchases.
  • Provide support to logisticians for making purchases and drafting contracts.
  • Write calls for tenders as well as contracts requiring coordination validation.
  • Supervise the implementation of purchases by ensuring compliance with validation rules and procedures.
  • Ensure that purchasing files are complete and archived according to INTRERSOS procedures.
  • Identify and set up the framework contracts necessary for the proper functioning of activities in the Far North region.
  • Support logisticians in the processing of tender documents.
  • Carry out the analysis of the purchasing environment and compile the analyzes carried out at the base level.
  • In collaboration with the programs, consolidate the purchasing forecasts of the bases and guarantee the proper constitution of the purchasing files at the level of the Far North region.

Inventory management supervision

  • Control the good management of warehouses.
  • Ensure sufficient and satisfactory storage conditions.
  • Consolidate and analyze monthly stock inventories.
  • Ensure compliance with storage procedures and use of INTERSOS formats.
  • Ensure that monthly physical inventories are carried out and reconciled with theoretical inventories.

Vehicle fleet management

  • Consolidate and analyze monthly consumption relating to the vehicle fleet.
  • Set up the method for managing the supply of fuel, spare parts and consumables for the vehicle fleet.
  • Supervise the administrative management of documents related to vehicles (log book, contracts, insurance, registration…).
  • Ensure pooling of vehicles at base level.
  • Ensure that vehicle maintenance and repairs are carried out.
  • Ensure the presence of suitable on-board equipment in each vehicle
  • Enforce the rules related to the movement of vehicles and people

Communication and IT management

  • Assign the logistics codes to each of the equipment purchased on the bases.
  • Participate in the dimensioning of the means of communication of the mission according to the opportunities and constraints related to the field with the logistics coordinator.
  • Ensure the quality of the installations, the proper functioning and the proper use of the communication systems
  • Conduct regular physical inventories of radio communications equipment on bases.
  • Participate in the dimensioning of the computer park of the mission.
  • Ensure the maintenance and proper use of computer equipment.
  • Perform regular physical inventories of computer equipment.

Human ressources :

  • Prepare the schedules of the logistics teams under his responsibility and monitor their achievements.
  • Evaluate the performance of staff under his direct supervision.
  • Supervise the proper implementation of schedules on the bases.
  • Train logistics teams in INTERSOS procedures.

Logistic reporting:

  • Consolidate, process and analyze the monthly logistics reports from the bases and ensure logistics reporting to the Logistics Coordinator of the mission according to the periodicity defined on the mission.
  • Actively participate in the drafting of operation proposals and donor reports for the logistics parties
  • Participate in coordination meetings relating to logistics, represent INTERSOS on request and/or on delegation.
  • Supervise the archiving of logistics documents.

Job requirements

  • Education BAC + 2 in Logistics
  • Experience Professional experience of 3 years in the logistics of humanitarian NGOs
  • French language


  • Mastery of the computer tool MS Office Complete environment,
  • General principles of auto mechanics, basic knowledge of customs clearance and transportation, principles of inventory, supply and fleet management


  • Excellent team management and logistics planning skills
  • Good team spirit and conflict management
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent analytical and synthesis skills
  • Reporting skills completed
  • Initiative
  • Diligence in work


Candidates are encouraged and possession of a driving license is
 asset https://cutt.ly/48PPFGU

NB: Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted for the Written Test.

The deadline for submitting applications is March 19, 2023 at 5 p.m.

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