Livelihood Field Animators Recruitment Notice

Requisition No: req27982 Job
Title: ERD Cash Livelihood Animator

Sector of activity: Economic recovery and means of subsistence

Type of contract: Fixed term

Occupation rate: Full time

Open to expatriates: No

Place of work: Kousseri, Cameroon Job


1. Context

Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of the most important humanitarian organizations in the world. The IRC provides relief, rehabilitation and post-conflict reconstruction support to victims of oppression and violent conflict. Present in more than 40 countries, IRC’s mission is to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and take charge of their future.

IRC began operations in Cameroon in 2016 to respond to growing concerns for people affected by Boko Haram-related violence in the far north of the country. Assistance to vulnerable populations extends throughout the Far North, including Mayo Sava, Mayo Tsanaga and Logone & Chari, by implementing vital programs aimed at increasing access to water and to improve hygiene practices in vulnerable displaced and host communities, financial assistance programs to enable poor families to meet their basic needs and restore their livelihoods, and protection programs, including including addressing the specific needs of women and girls.

As part of the Program and economic recovery and development, IRC implements cash and livelihood transfer projects for the most vulnerable populations of communities affected by the conflict in the Far North of Cameroon. The objective of the program is to facilitate beneficiaries’ access to food and non-food commodities without adopting negative coping strategies to meet basic needs and/or to protect, initiate or restore livelihoods or economic activities during or after a humanitarian crisis.

The Livelihood Field Animator will spend most of their time in the field to identify target communities, build relationships with community authorities, participate in the implementation of field activities such as community mobilization, identification of potential beneficiaries, selection of beneficiaries using a participatory approach, participation in the payment of cash to beneficiaries, recording of complaints and support for beneficiaries in setting up IGA, VSLA, SCOOPS and professional training activities and entrenariales.

Area of ​​intervention
The Livelihood Field Animators will be based in the town of Kousseri in Logone et Chari.

4. Responsibilities

· Establish mechanisms for community participation/mobilization,

· Establish an open relationship with government services (MINADER, MINEFOP, MINAS, etc.)

· Implement a community participatory approach to targeting for identification and registration project beneficiaries,

· Participate in daily activities related to cash transfer in the field,

· Support households in the proper management of financial resources.

· Support and supervise professional training activities with approved training centers.

· Monitor the Village Savings and Credit Associations (AVEC) in the villages targeted by the project.

· Facilitate and conduct training sessions in entrepreneurship and VSLA methodology.

· Support beneficiaries in the development and setting up of their business plans.

· Monitor the activities of the Simplified Cooperative Societies (SCOOPS) in the localities of the project.

5. Other Responsibilities

· Ensure that all activities will be implemented in accordance with IRC’s operational policies.

· Other additional tasks assigned by the supervisor

6. Monitoring

· Collect relevant data during the implementation of the project and provide regular reports to his supervisor,

Ensure the follow-up of the process of payment of the beneficiaries by the local operators during the distribution and manage or escalate the related complaints,

Assist in the collection of data during surveys and post-distribution evaluations if necessary,

Ensure the management of complaints made by beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries,

· Monitoring the cash flow of young people.

7. General

· Undertakes to respect the IRC Way (IRC Ethics).

· Undertakes to ensure the optimal implementation of these Policies in its work environment.

· Is available to carry out any other ad hoc task deemed useful by his direct superior or by the IRC.

· Produce weekly activity reports.


Have a Baccalaureate or any other diploma deemed equivalent,

Minimum 1 year of professional experience in the implementation of cash transfer activities, IGAs, VSLAs, professional training or SCOOPS.

Professional experience in a similar position related to community mobilization will be an asset,

Have a good knowledge of the field, especially Kousseri;

Excellent written and oral communication skills,

Be flexible, able to work in a team sometimes under pressure and sometimes outside working hours and days,

Be of Cameroonian nationality,

Having computer knowledge (Word, Excel,) would be a plus.

Have a category “A” driving license desirable,

  Experience in an NGO preferred

 Proven ability in community mobilization, identification, selection and registration of beneficiaries is strongly required;

Have experience in collecting quantitative and qualitative data with digital tools;

Excellent written and oral communication skills in French;

Have a good presentation and a respectful attitude towards beneficiaries, local authorities, community leaders, colleagues and hierarchical superiors;

Compulsory mastery of local languages, cultures and traditions (Chao Arabic, Kotoko/Mousgoum).

3. Composition of the application file

· Letter of motivation addressed to the Country Director of IRC Cameroon;

· CV

· Photocopy(s) of the required diploma(s);

· Photocopy of the national identity card;

· Photocopies of documents justifying the candidate’s experience (training and employment certificates, work certificate).

4. Deadline and place for submission of files

The complete files will be deposited in an anonymous envelope bearing the mention: “ERD Livelihood Field Animator Kousseri” in the offices of IRC in Kousseri residential district next to Hotel Dassie, in Maroua Pitoare district in front of the former office of Plan International; or at the following email address:

Female applications are strongly encouraged

 Deadline for submitting applications June 3, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

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