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Kitchen clerk

Place of work: Douala

Education level: CAP

Specialty: ESF

Type of contract: CDI

Main mission:

the kitchen assistant really represents the first level in the hierarchy of a kitchen.

It is during this period that you will learn the fundamentals of cooking alongside more seasoned professionals. Thus, the kitchen clerk’s missions are to:

  • Make preliminary preparations and simple dishes
  • Set the table
  • Organize workstations
  • Ensure the maintenance of the kitchen
  • Apply the health and safety rules in force
Main activities and tasks
  • Gathering of all the ingredients necessary for the preparation of the dishes
  • Carrying out preparatory work: peeling vegetables, reducing sauces, garnishes, etc.
  • Acceptance of work material 
  • Reheating
  • Meat and charcuterie cutting
  • Production of bases, sauces and simple dishes
  • Food cooking monitoring
  • Arrangement of dishes in dishes
  • Transmission to room staff
  • Maintenance of the kitchen and ancillary rooms
  • Completion of end-of-service operations
  • 40 years old maximum
  • Minimum CAP in Social and Family Economics
  • 1 year of experience as a kitchen clerk
Technical skills
  • Apply instructions
  • Strictly apply health and safety rules
  • Provide real added value despite the simplicity of the activities requested
  • Learn and progress
  • Have a sense of observation
  • Understand the meaning of the different activities and the role of each in a team
  • Gradually integrate the different culinary production techniques
  • Organize your workstation by applying instructions
  • Take into account the logical sequence of tasks
  • Take into account the hierarchical functioning of the establishment
  • Carry out activities on time and on time
  • Hold your place in the chain of activities
Personal skills
  • Great working capacity
  • Strong motivation
  • sense of discipline
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Stress resistance
  • Good physical condition
  • Thorough knowledge of health and safety rules
  • Have a sense of observation
If you meet the above criteria, send us your file (cover letter, CV + proof of the elements mentioned in the CV location plan) to the address
Application deadline: 04 June 2022

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