Jobs Opportunities: Administrative and Teaching staff – MASTERS BILINGUAL COLLEGE


MBC is a Lay private institution managed by seasoned educationists. It is composed of both the first and second cycles; arts and science with Geology and some commercial subjects. We are a dynamic team of educators committed to being a model in preparing learners into a responsible adulthood for a changed society. We provide an ethos of high expectations; rigorous, balanced and relevant educational opportunities that permit every learner to emerge as a happy achiever.
Our core values: Responsibility, Excellence, Life-long learning, Integrity & Servant leadership (RELIS)
1-An administrative staff
2-Teaching staffin the departments of English language/Literature, French language, Economics/Commerce, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Biological sciences, Geology, Chemistry, Counseling and Orientation & Computer Science/ICT
~ Show proof of teaching experience of at least two years,
~ Have an in depth knowledge and practice of the English system of education;
~Be of good moral conduct and available;
~ Strong interpersonal communication skills
 2-Composition of application file.
~ A hand written application letter;
~ A detailed curriculum vitae;
~ Copy of the relevant diploma and NIC or passport
~ Service attestation where applicable.
~An A4 envelope enclosing the documents and bearing the candidate’s name and department of interest.
 3-Deadline for the submission of application files
Applicants must deposit their files at the Secretariat on or before the 15 th of July, 2022 at 2:30 pm.
4- Selection test: A jury shall upon the study of application files, invite only the preselected candidates for an interview on a date to be communicated.
  N/B: Salaries will be negotiated after preselection.
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