Job Opportunities: Warehouse Operator


Name of employer: FOLLOW UP COOP-CA

Location: DOUALA – YASSA

As part of your missions, you will be based at the warehouse of the cooperative in Yassa.

Your missions:

Receive, weigh and classify products at the warehouse in strict compliance with health and safety rules

  • Record receipts in the computer system
  • Carry out maintenance operations on stocks (sorting, treatments against insects) and repackaging (in bags or in batches of 1kg to 10kg) using the appropriate equipment
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the work area
  • Prepare the orders to be delivered and produce the goods and BL exit slips to be given to the carriers
  • In the event of a problem during transport, provide effective solutions as quickly as possible
  • Communicate product stocks to sales representatives every morning
  • Identify damage every day, separate it from the main stock and record it in the computer system
  • Carry out weekly material balances with the presence of the Accountant

Post dimensions:

  • One to two receptions per week
  • 2 shipments per day
  • 5000 kg/month of average stock per operator to be processed
Knowledge and skills required:

  • Desire to learn, rigor and autonomy
  • Don’t hesitate to perform physical tasks
  • Know how to use a computer

NB: Preferably live in Yassa and its surroundings.

Female candidates strongly encouraged!

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