Job offer: 01 Deputy Logistics Coordinator

Name of employer: The Cameroon Red Cross and the French Red Cross
Location: Yaounde 
Job type: CDD 
Expiry date: 01-07-2022
The Cameroon Red Cross and the French Red Cross are recruiting 01 Deputy Logistics Coordinator in Yaoundé.
Job Information
Reporting line: Logistics Coordinator
Job location: Yaoundé
Working hours: According to the service schedule
Duration of the mission: 3 months
Desired arrival date: August 2022
Number of positions: 01
Presentation of the association

The French Red Cross (CRf) and the Cameroon Red Cross (CRC) are humanitarian associations, auxiliary to the public authorities, which provide aid and assistance to vulnerable people.

Since 2010, the French Red Cross (CRf) has been present in Cameroon and intervenes in the areas of health, nutrition and food security and livelihoods (SAME) in the East and South regions. ‘Far North.

Recruitment background
Replacement at the position of the incumbent on maternity leave.
Presentation of the position
Job Purpose/Summary.

Under the direct responsibility of the Logistics Coordinator, the Deputy Logistics Coordinator participates in the coordination of the logistics activities of the delegation in order to provide the means necessary for the running of the programs that the French Red Cross develops in the Eastern and from the Far North to Cameroon.

Position location

This position is open to people with the required profile and the successful candidate must reside in Yaoundé by his own means; it is therefore not subject to relocation. The candidate selected at the end of the recruitment process cannot therefore claim the status of relocated employee.

Objective 1: 
  •  Supply management for sub-delegations and the delegation Defines, in collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator and the logistics managers, the supply strategy according to the areas of intervention of the CRF;
  •  Applies all of the CRF’s purchasing procedures in accordance with chapter 10 of the MOPI;
  •  Defines and ensures the validation circuit of the mission’s purchasing files;
  •  Sets up / updates the framework contracts of the capital before validation by the logistics coordinator;
  •  Makes purchases in Yaoundé from sub-delegations and the capital. Signs purchase orders respecting the threshold incumbent upon him;
  •  In the capital, updates the follow-up of purchases, follow-up of contracts, the supplier catalog and prices;
  •  Compiles contract tracking and mission purchasing tracking on a monthly basis. Alert managers when a framework contract is about to expire;
  •  Ensures that the supplier catalog is updated every six months and shared with the teams 
  •  Ensures that the supplier price list is updated semi-annually and shared with the teams;
  •  Supervises customs clearance procedures in conjunction with the freight forwarder;
  • Informs the headquarters of receptions on international purchases;
  •  Supervise the storage of coordination equipment in conjunction with the logistics assistant and in accordance with the procedures of chapter 11 of the MOPI. It ensures that no breakage of consumables will be required;
  •  Is proactive in optimizing the supply chain;
Objective 2: Equipment management
  •  Ensures the good condition and general maintenance of capital equipment;
  • Ensures that the equipment is functional;
  • Ensures that equipment maintenance is periodic;
  • Participates in the technical choices of the delegation’s equipment;
  •  Participates in the development of procedures for the use of equipment and in the training of their users;
  •  Oversees the installation, maintenance, and repairs of capital equipment;
  • Compiles the equipment tracking file monthly;
  •  Ensures that any incoming or outgoing equipment is listed in equipment tracking;
  •  Edits and delivers the handover/return sheets for equipment provided to CRF employees, and ensures the return of equipment when a CRF employee leaves if the latter moves to the capital;
  •  Is responsible for equipment in the capital and ensures the dispatch of shared equipment;
  •  Check the presence of the labeling on each piece of equipment according to the CRf procedure described in the MOPI;
  •  Notifies the logistics coordinator of any failure / anomaly in connection with the CRf procedures on equipment;
  •  Is proactive in optimizing equipment management;
Objective 3:  IT and telecom management Work with the logistics assistant to ensure the preventive and curative maintenance of the capital’s IT equipment;
  •  Ensures in conjunction with the logistics assistant that users in the capital update anti-virus and software;
  •  Ensures in conjunction with the logistics assistant that monthly backups of all computers in the capital are made;
  •  Centralizes the IT anomalies of the delegation and proposes an action plan to the logistics coordinator to resolve them;
  •  Ensures the administrative follow-up of the telephone “fleet” contract: renewal, creation, deletion, change of lines and/or modification of packages. Ensures payment records;
  •  Is proactive in optimizing the IT and telecom management of the delegation;
Objective 4:  Management of the motorized fleet and transport Ensures that the motorized fleet management procedures of chapter 11 of the MOPI on delegation are respected;
  •  Ensures that travel in inter-base vehicles complies with the safety rules in force 
  •  Provides support for the sizing of the vehicle and motorcycle fleet, renewal and/or transfer of the delegation;
  •  Validates occasional rentals (vehicles or taxis) in the capital, making sure to optimize them;
  •  Ensures that the services and maintenance of the delegation’s vehicles and motorcycles are done on time;
  •  Ensures that the administrative papers of motorized vehicles and drivers are up to date and archived;
  • Centralizes, compiles and analyzes the delegation’s fleet report;
  •  Book and validate UNHAS flights for the mission in accordance with deadlines and procedures. Is the focal point for all UNHAS requests;
  •  Ensures that for any transport of goods, insurance is present;
  •  Is proactive in optimizing the management of motor vehicles and transport;
Objective 5 : Management of the capital’s infrastructure and general resources Actively participate in the sizing of the capital’s infrastructure;
  •  Participates in the search for infrastructure if necessary to move;
  •  Ensures that the infrastructure of the capital has the minimum required in terms of safety and comfort
  •  Ensures that the delegation buildings are insured. If necessary, mounts the file;
  •  Ensures that maintenance and works on the infrastructure of the capital are of good quality Ensures that fixed charges (water, gas, electricity, canal + etc.) are paid on time;
  • Ensures that consumables do not fall out;
  •  In connection with the logistics coordinator, updates the budget monitoring of the general resources of the capital;
  •  Is proactive in optimizing the management of infrastructure and general resources;
Objective 6 : Human resources management Contributes to the sizing of the delegation’s logistics teams
  •  Is responsible for recruiting his team and monitoring career paths
  • Supervise, support, train and control the team under his supervision
  •  Alert his superior if a disciplinary procedure is about to be initiated
  • Organize weekly/monthly meetings with his team
  • Develops an Individual Action Plan for his team
  •  Conducts team performance interviews on a periodic basis
  • Arbitrate any conflicts within his team
  •  Ensures the administrative management of his team in connection with the administration
  •  Is proactive in optimizing human resources management
Objective 7 : Reporting and internal and external representation of logistics coordination Centralizes, analyzes and compiles the delegation’s monthly logistics report and sends it to the logistics coordinator before the 10th of each month.
  • Send the fleetwave report to the IFRC before the 10th of each month.
  • Support the logistics coordinator during donor reports
  • Actively participate in the preparation of audits
  •  Participates in internal and external meetings of the CRf in connection with the field of logistics
  •  Ensures effective communication with other services in the capital and sub-delegations
  • Support the logistics coordinator in the propals
Qualifications and experience

Diploma / Level of study: Holder of a BAC + 3 in logistics minimum; BAC +5 appreciated;
Experience of at least three (03) continuous years in a similar position within a logistics company and/or at least one (01) year in a similar position in an international organization;

Required skills and experience :
  •  Knowledge of the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement is an asset;
  • Management/Team management;
  • Compliance with Administrative and Logistics procedures;
  •  Management of technical equipment (computers, telecommunications, etc.);
  • Pack Office ;
  •  Specific knowledge: Supply chain management (purchase, transport, storage)
  • Ability to negotiate;
  • Organizational sense and sense of priorities;
Skills and experience preferred : 
  • Autonomous, versatile;
  • Rigour, patience, flexibility and adaptability;
  • Proactivity ;
  • Strong ability to adapt;
Recruitment process
Anyone interested in this offer is asked to send their file in PDF format by email to the address: .

These are: An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) with three professional references
A cover letter (LM)
Please put in the subject of the submission email: Assistant Logistics Coordinator Yaoundé
Applications should be addressed to the Head of Delegation of the French Red Cross.

Given the number of files we receive, we are unable to respond individually to each one. Therefore, if you do not hear from us within 30 days, please consider your application unsuccessful. Only candidates pre-selected on file will be invited to a written test on the premises of the CRF. Unselected applications will not be returned to candidates.
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