AFRICA FOOD IMPORT   SA is looking for an Internal Controller for its Bafoussam agency

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Attached to the Audit and Internal Control Department, the Internal Controller will be responsible for:

–        Ensure compliance with procedures within the framework of the internal control system in its area of ​​​​competence;

–        Remedy malfunctions by proposing corrective actions and corrective actions concerning the activities examined in its area of ​​​​competence;

–        Carry out planned and unannounced checks in its area of ​​competence;

–        Ensure the protection of the company’s assets.


Organizational control

–     Ensure compliance with the procedures, memos and information notices in force in his area of ​​​​competence;

–        Participate in the identification of risks related to the various processes of the company through the controls carried out;

–        Ensure the adequacy between the procedures and the job descriptions;

Compliance check

–        Check the compliance of supplier invoices paid by accounting;

–        Periodically check the payroll drawn up by HR before payment;

–        Periodically check leave and STC established by HR before payment;

–        Periodically check the conformity of customer balance confirmations;

–        Periodically check the compliance of commercial documents.

Financial Control

–        Carry out periodic check-outs and carry out spot checks;

–        Ensure compliance of cash documents;

–        Ensure compliance with the period for justifying provisional vouchers;

–        Control the effectiveness of monthly bank reconciliations and the regularization of suspense;

–        Ensure the proper management of checks received and issued;

–        Periodically analyze and classify overdue receivables in its area of ​​expertise.

Operational control

–        Carry out physical inventories of stocks in the company’s stores;

–        Carry out planned and unannounced checks at the company’s customers;

–        Ensure the compliance of promotional activities in its area of ​​competence;

–        Control the commercial resources of its area of ​​competence;

Reporting of control activities

–        Ensure periodic reporting to his hierarchy, of control activities in his area of ​​​​competence;

–        Ensure the implementation of the recommendations made following the controls carried out;

–        Participate in the update of the reporting tool for control activities.


–        Academic level: Bac + 4 in Audit, Management Control and Accounting

–        Professional experience: 4 years in a similar position

–        Age: Between 28 and 40 years old.

–        Have strong analytical skills (ability to extract, compile and analyze data);

–        Have good organizational and monitoring skills;

–        Have good verbal and written communication skills in French (English would be an asset);

–        Have a good knowledge of information systems management;

–        Being able to work under pressure with hours of varying amplitudes;

–        Have a good command of Microsoft EXCEL and SAGE.

Application file: CV, cover letter

Deadline: Wednesday May 18, 2022

Send your application to:

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