Human Resources Manager – SOTRABUS BUS MICKEL

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    • Definition of the company’s HR strategy and policy
    • Management of the company’s human resources (recruitment, training, remuneration, mobility, career management, etc.)
    • Management of the company’s HR strategy and policy
  • Monitoring of projects and evaluation of their results


  • Supervise the administrative management of the personnel
  • Collect from the company’s management their expectations and needs on issues relating to human resources
  • Take into account economic imperatives
  • Identify strategic and operational priorities and find solutions
  • Create partnerships with training organizations
  • Manage operations related to the management of jobs and skills
  • Supervise your HR team
  • Organize social dialogue
  • Promote internal communication
  • Set up plans (retirement, layoffs, etc.)
  • Design monitoring and management materials
  • Control the application of legal and regulatory obligations relating to working conditions and relations
  • Ensure regulatory monitoring
  • Update professional and regulatory documentation

  • Be agile and proactive in your approach
  • Adapt to change, uncertainty and complexity
  • Understanding relationship and power issues in business
  • Take into account several parameters at the same time in its analyzes and its decisions
  • Demonstrate open-mindedness and impartiality by being factual
  • Developing empathy and positive listening
  • Maintain assertive relations with the various interlocutors


    • Comply with labor law and social legislation
    • Use office tools
    • Supervise the administrative management of the personnel
    • Ensure regulatory monitoring of international financial standards, tax and legal regulations
    • Ensure professional and regulatory documentation

  • Use the method of forward-looking jobs and skills management (GPEC)
  • Handle interviewing and recruitment techniques

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