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SOLUTIONS RH + EMPLOI SARL, a company specializing in the provision of temporary staff, is looking for the needs of one of its clients:  An HSE Agent (location Douala/Yaoundé)


The main mission of the position will be to reduce risks at work.

 Your missions will consist of:

  • Identify the legal and regulatory requirements related to the HSE field;
  • Define the risk management policy ;
  • Conduct tests, checks and controls health and safety regulations;
  • Make the teams aware of the approach and compliance with HSE procedures;
  • Lead first response teams and first responders;
  • Control and distribute personal protective equipment;
  • Make proposals for the improvement of working conditions;
  • Write the report after incident or accident;
  • Maintain occupational health and safety records;
  • Mastering teaching techniques;
  • Analyze a malfunction or compliance;
  • Provide technical support to the quality, maintenance and methods departments;
  • Coordinate the activity of a team;
  • Determine corrective actions;
  • Run a service;
  • Negotiate a contract;
  • Promote Health, Safety and Environment HSE procedures;
  • Select suppliers, subcontractors and service providers;
  • Control the conformity of a product;
  • Control the performance of a service;

Profiles Wanted:

  • Hold a BAC+4/5 in HSE or any other equivalent diploma;
  • Have 8 to 10 years of experience for work related to electrical projects;
  • Master the concept of first aid  ;
  • Know the services of the company;
  •  Mastery of safety at work  ;
  • Proficiency in interpersonal communication;
  • Speaking English would be an asset;
  • Have a sense of confidentiality and rigor;
  • Have a sense of organization;
  • Be independent ;
  • Have a good sense of communication and social relations;
  • Punctuality and attendance;
  • Proactivity and flexibility (ability to meet challenges);
  • State of mind allowing teamwork;
  • Have a sense of ethics and honesty;
  • Respect for hierarchy and procedures.                                                                                   

Those interested in this challenge are asked to send their file (CV in PDF format) to the following addresses: / / /

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