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NAMé Recycling is looking for 01 HSE Manager as part of its activities

Main missions :

  • Design and negotiate the HSE policy with its management
  • Implement this HSE policy and coordinate it with the managers concerned
  • Audit, plan and track

Activities :

  • Develop a master plan taking into account the general management’s objectives in terms of sustainable development, customer requests, regulations and business constraints
  • Ensure a technological and competitive watch in terms of HSE
  • Integrate the different standards into an integrated management system by interpreting the applicable standards
  • Define and negotiate the objectives of the year, the means to be implemented, the methods of monitoring or auditing, the corresponding budget
  • Participate in communication, promotion of HSE policy
  • Define, formalize, adapt methods and tools to guarantee the continuous improvement of products, processes, safety, risk prevention and environmental preservation
  • Write and update guidelines, procedures, instructions
  • Train executives, technicians, team leaders if necessary, participate in staff awareness
  • Facilitate problem solving or improvement groups
  • Ensure the traceability and compliance of raw materials, facilities, buildings and processes with respect to specifications and standards in force
  • Analyze risks and opportunities
  • Plan improvement actions
  • Ensure measures to reduce or treat waste; check control and prevention procedures in relation to environmental risks
  • Prepare, implement monitoring and internal audits as well as external and supplier audits
  • Perform statistical monitoring of results against objectives, prepare HSE reviews
  • Participate in the analysis of risks, malfunctions and the search for ways to improve: training, manufacturing processes, organization of production, development of installations, etc.
  • Check the results of improvement actions
  • Evolution of the quality of the overall production
  • Improving occupational safety and health
  • Success of internal audits
  • Certification or labeling
  • Staff buy-in and changes in attitudes towards quality, safety and the environment

Knowledge :

  • BAC + 3 in HSE or any other environmentalist field, bilingual English / French
  • Mobility in the subsidiaries
  • Beginner wanted – training will be provided by the company
  • Know the company’s processes, its flows and the associated technologies
  • Mastering the standards, certification or labeling chosen
  • Ensure a systematic technological and regulatory watch
  • Define and negotiate an HSE or integrated management policy
  • Design, launch and manage a complex project
  • Develop and follow relevant dashboards
  • Master statistical analysis and defined control techniques
  • Evaluate actions, projects, processes
  • Train and animate multidisciplinary, heterogeneous groups
  • Communicate, negotiate with different interlocutors
  • Preparing for an audit, conducting an audit
  • Supervise quality control of subcontractors and suppliers as well as compliance with internal procedures

Operational skills:

  • Very good writing and speaking skills
  • Rigor, sense of organization and work autonomy
  • Sense of priorities
  • Sense of organization
  • Ability to report on one’s activity spontaneously and synthetically
  • Ability to adapt to change, to deal with emergency situations

Know-how :

  • Be attentive, available and adapt
  • Be very rigorous and precise
  • Analyze and synthesize a lot of information
  • Solve problems of different natures
  • Manage priorities
  • Be both firm and diplomatic
  • Know how to negotiate and argue
  • Master office automation and computer management tools


Recruitment: send your CV to: jobs@name-recycling.com

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