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AURA CAMEROUN SARL is a company specializing in the treatment of water intended for human consumption, for industrial use and in hospitals. It markets a variety of equipment, ranging from simple purifying filters to reverse osmosis filters. 

As part of the execution of its activities, AURA CAMEROUN SARL is looking for a Human Resources HR Manager

Responsibilities :

  • Develop and implement HR strategies and projects in line with the company’s overall strategy
  • Act as a link in relations between management and staff, dealing with requests, grievances and other problems
  • Manage recruitment and selection processes
  • Support the current and future needs of the company through the development, involvement, motivation and preservation of human capital
  • Develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization
  • Maintain a positive work environment
  • Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives great results
  • Maintain salary plans and benefit programs
  • Assess training needs to implement and monitor training programs
  • Report to management and provide decision support through HR numbers
  • Ensure legal compliance through human resource management


  • BAC+3 minimum in Human Resources Management. With at least 2 years of experience.


  • Technical managerial and analytical skills
  • Sense of organization, communication, persuasion and responsibility
  • Organization, rigor and autonomy
  • Availability and responsiveness
  • Man/woman in the field


CV and cover letter to be physically deposited in our General Management of Mvogmbi located opposite COGENI or send to the email address with the subject: ” HR Human Resources Manager “.

Only pre-selected candidates will be invited 

Deadline for admissibility of application files: 31/03/2023 

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