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As part of its administrative activities in the city of Yaoundé, the TEBIMOSA PHARMACEUTICALS laboratory is looking for: HR Assistant on an academic internship Above all, it is a human resources development role and an administrative role because it manages all of the administrative follow-up of the staff.

The main tasks of the HR Assistant are as follows:

  • The administrative management of the personnel : from the establishment of the contract, to the management of the absences of the collaborators or to the establishment of the payslips, the HR Assistant is in charge of managing all the administrative tasks related to the function human ressources.
  • Internal communication : the HR Assistant is the link between the management of the company and the Human Resources department with the employees. He is in charge of the good circulation of information in the company.

Apart from the administrative side, the HR Assistant may be required to manage certain operational missions:

  • The development of human resources: the HR assistant takes into account the requests and needs of his employees to help them grow and improve their skills.
  • Staff recruitment: recruiting, integrating and training new employees who will be the future of the company.


Please submit your copies of CNI, CV, Diplomas and Cover Letter to the offices located at Titi Garage opposite Karisse CLUB, or online at

Phone: +237 692993046 / +237 691046994 

Deadline: 03/20/2023 

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