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EXPRESS UNION is looking for 01 Head of Risk & Quality Division M/F as part of its activities 

Organization : Express Union GROUP SA
Activity : Management of securities portfolio, Acquisition of holdings, Acquisition and management of buildings
Legal form : Société Anonyme

Objectives : Ensure the identification and monitoring of the group’s risks by ensuring the implementation of risk maps at the level of each entity. He ensures that the group’s managerial practices are aligned with the ISO 9001/15 standard.

Main Duties and Responsibilities


  •  Implement, stimulate and animate a risk management system within the group;
  •  Raise awareness and train staff on risk management with a view to promoting a risk culture;
  •  Propose risk limits and means of hedging;
  •  Define risk management training needs and validate the educational content of the courses offered;
  •  Ensure that the risks associated with the group’s activities are identified;
  •  Ensure the development and updates of risk maps;
  •  Ensure the execution of action plans to control the risks identified in the risk maps;
  •  Develop risk analysis tools;
  •  Ensure the monitoring of prudential ratios;
  •  Ensure the monitoring of the risks to which the entities of the group are exposed;
  •  Participate in the validation of the control plans or programs proposed by the business managers in order to ensure the effectiveness of the controls to minimize the identified risks;
  •  Regularly inform the Board of Directors and/or General Management of the extent of the risks identified;
  •  Prepare operational risk reports;
  •  Monitor the management of insurance taken out;
  •  Ensure the effectiveness of controls to minimize identified risks;
  •  Confirm objectivity and compliance with procedures within the group;
  •  Ensure compliance with contractual clauses with all group stakeholders;
  •  Participate in the engagement risk-taking process;
  •  Carry out risk benchmarking;
  •  Conduct general or specific economic, financial studies (relating to new new products, investments or and establishments in such studies);
  •  Structure the function, define and document the organization, tools and risk management procedures;
  •  Ensure the monitoring and control of the information systems necessary for risk management Functions and responsibilities: lead change around the implementation of this main function;
  •  Define, regularly update the contents of the documentation on risk management;
  •  Communicate on risk management within the group;
  •  Periodically evaluate the system (people, tools, organization, results, etc.) for risk management;
  •  Participate in audit committees or enterprise risk committees.


  •  Updating the process sheets of the Express Union Group units and its subsidiaries Making proposals for adapting the group’s managerial practices to the ISO 9001/15 standard;
  • Approval in applications: All business applications.

Assessment criteria

  •  Level of staff culture on the risk approach;
  •  Thematic completeness;
  •  Geographic coverage ;
  •  Availability of risk maps;
  •  Completeness of risk mapping;
  •  Risk mapping update rate;
  •  Effectiveness of the risk detection and measurement system;
  •  Existence and functioning of crisis cells;
  •  Number of improvement proposals in accordance with ISO 9001/2015 requirements;
  •  Compliance with reporting deadlines;
  •  Respect of the budget line.

Qualification required

  •  A minimum level of higher education of BAC+ 4 type Business School in management, accounting, finance, audit and management control, Quality Management, Risk Management or any other diploma deemed equivalent;
  • Have sufficient knowledge of OHADA accounting provisions and COBAC-EMF regulations;
  • Three years’ professional experience in one or more of the areas mentioned below, as well as in-depth organizational knowledge.



  •  Good knowledge of the QMS implementation process;
  •  Good knowledge of the process of implementing a risk management system;
  •  Have a good knowledge of ISO 9001 and ISO 31000 standards;
  •  Have a good knowledge of the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management standard;
  •  Thorough knowledge of French and satisfactory knowledge of English.


  •  Ability to design activity monitoring tools;
  •  Mastery of data management tools (Access, Excel, SPSS, …) and word processing;
  •  Excellent writing skills and spirit of synthesis;
  •  Strong taste for numbers;
  •  Anticipation of the effects of the activity using simulations.


  •  Strong ability to adapt to changes;
  •  Excellent ability to listen and coach and share best practices;
  •  Reactivity and adaptation;
  •  Quality of coordination and organization;
  •  Strength of conviction and proposal,
  •  Good teaching skills;
  •  Ability to adapt his speech to his interlocutor.


Files expected at the addresses: holding@expressunion.net and aazeufack@expressunion.net

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