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Garbage collection agent

As part of the reorganization   of its activities, a young   association  is launching a call for applications for the recruitment of a   waste collection agent.

– field of activity of the association

 The association intervenes   in the education and promotion of urban values ​​among   populations   , the development and management of leisure and green spaces, the fight against climate change, the preservation   of sensitive areas, the fight against discrimination in all their forms, the fight against insalubrity and the promotion of youth empowerment through the multiplication of income-generating activities.   As part of these  last two activities, the association has launched the pre-collection of garbage from households and certain structures.

This is an activity that consists of collecting waste from households not accessible to   the garbage collection service or structures  to deposit them in the garbage platforms.


v  Garbage Collection Agent

activity Descrition

The garbage collection agent is in charge

ü  to collect the garbage within the homes of the households which will be assigned to him for the collected in deposit points, after having covered all the households of his zone of intervention the agent will have to load the waste in the tricycle to help the driver to poured them into the garbage platforms.

ü  During the garbage collection the agent will have to recover all the useful material, the list of which will be provided to him

ü  Maintain equipment in good condition

ü  Respect the instructions that will be given to him

ü  The work is done according to an area of ​​intervention or a well-determined number of households is entrusted to the agent

ü  Any other task contributing to the smooth running of its activity


ü  Level of study: indifferent

ü  Gender: male

ü  Dynamic, have team spirit and have the desire to move forward

ü  Experience: indifferent

ü  Salary: 50,000 francs/month

ü  Working time: 4 days/week

ü  Age: major

ü  Area of ​​intervention: Yaoundé-OBILI and its surroundings

    Note: Urgent

How to apply: send CV + photocopy of the CNI + location plan by email:

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